Name: Julie Herbert
Career Background: Medical field
How Long With Young Living: Since 1995
Why Young Living: There is something wonderful about the oils
Success Formula: Learn as you go-do not wait until you know everything

Julie_Herbert ulie Herbert was introduced to Young Living by Greg Anderson, her brother. She explained, “I had a serious shoulder problem. Greg had joined Young Living a few months earlier and offered to help. It was weird because he started working on my feet. I wondered why he was working on my feet when it was my shoulder that hurt. However, I noticed that soon the discomfort in my shoulder subsided and my arm loosened. After he finished with my feet, he did a little work directly on my shoulder, which gave me complete movement. Even though I felt much better, I was still very skeptical.”

She was cynical because she had worked at a hospital for twelve years and was ingrained with the prejudices of allopathic medicine. Julie related, “It was a total paradigm shift for me. My brother could have talked until he was blue in the face, but I would never have believed him. However, after having experienced the power of the oils for myself, I knew that there was something wonderful about them.” Julie was busy with her job at the hospital and felt that she was too busy to start a Young Living business, but she did desire to know as much as she could about essential oils for her family.

Julie found that the more she learned about Young Living, the more sense it made to her. She said, “We did not have a lot of printed information back then. To learn about essential oils, you had to find out where Gary was speaking and then go there. My brother and I traveled a lot so we could learn about Young Living. Now that Young Living has books, tapes, and videos, I can pass that knowledge on to others and they can empower themselves.” She said that in the early years of her business, her phone would ring off the hook, but now new distributors can learn for themselves. Julie added, “The Young Living marketing tools have made it so easy to build a business and support new distributors.”

When giving advice to new distributors, Julie encourages them to not get discouraged by their lack of knowledge. She emphasized, “Essential oils are really very basic. I tell new distributors that when they are in doubt to rub their feet with oils. The feet are the keyboard to the body.” Julie related that Young Living has so much great information available now that occasionally new distributors feel overwhelmed. She reminds them that learning about essential oils is a gradual process and if they have patience, they will understand. Julie teaches that personal experience with the oils is very important. She tells new distributors to use and experiment with the oils. Julie said, “I teach new distributors to learn as they go and not wait until they understand everything before they use the oils.”

Due to her growing reputation, people are constantly seeking her out. Even with more new contacts than she can personally handle, Julie continues to teach classes on the Raindrop Technique® in community centers because she loves it so much. While teaching, Julie has found that frequently people do not realize the importance of essential oil purity. She remarked, “People stumble over the purity issues and do not realize that Young Living oils are far superior to the cheaper adulterated oils on the market. I always emphasize purity and therapeutic-grade essential oils. If people understand the importance of purity, they will not settle for anything less than Young Living.”

Having family support is extremely helpful while building a Young Living business. Julie expressed her gratitude for the encouragement she receives from her husband and family. “Gordon is so supportive of me. He uses and loves the oils and Young Living products. He loves the trainings as much as I do. My family has always backed me and helped me whenever I’ve needed them,” she said.

“It has been an interesting journey for me,” continued Julie. “I have learned so much as I have used Young Living essential oils. It still makes me sad when I see people that could be helped by the oils but refuse to try them. However, I also realize that if some people choose not to experience the power of essential oils, I am still making a positive difference in the world. Even if I have helped only a few people, the affirmative change in their lives has made everything I have done worth it.”

Julie stated, “The oils truly are a gift and with that gift comes responsibility.” She affirmed, “We have been given something wonderful that we must share. Helping others is the main focus of Young Living. Gary’s mission is all about service and helping the world to heal. I am grateful for Young Living and all of the support they give us. I am so grateful for Gary and Mary and their inspired leadership.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043