Name: Melinda Kulick
Career Background: Massage Therapist
With Young Living: Since 2003
Why Young Living: I immediately connected with the oils
Success Formula: A genuine love of the products

Melinda_Kulick Melinda Kulick felt an immediate connection with Young Living essential oils. “My friend called one night and said, ‘I have these oils of the ancient scriptures and you should come and see them.’ While she was talking, I felt something inside me click and I was so excited that I went to her house immediately.” Melinda said that this was an unusual reaction since she was a massage therapist and had many previous unimpressive encounters with essential oils.

Before her friend called, Melinda’s massage therapy teacher had told her about a way to test the oils to see if they were adulterated. “When I arrived at my friend’s house the first thing I did was test the oils. I told my friend, ‘Wow these are pure! Where did you find them?'” Melinda realized that Young Living essential oils were far different from any others she had seen before. “I immediately knew that these oils were something I not only had to know more about, but I needed to be connected with them.” She immediately joined Young Living and began to enjoy the oils.

As a massage therapist, Melinda has had many incredible experiences with Young Living essential oils, but her most poignant ones have been with herself and her own family. “After years of fighting stomach problems, I used Frankincense Lemon, and Lavender, and the results ‘ were astounding.” She is also elated that despite her constant contact with sick people, she remains healthy. “In my work as a massage therapist, I am constantly working on people with all types of viruses. With all of these viruses around me I stay healthy.”

Melinda’s husband was seriously ill and underwent treatment. “The first time doctors treated my husband it was very disappointing. After using Peppermint, Lemon, Valor, Frankincense and the Raindrop Technique, he went back for another treatment. This time it was a complete success.

Melinda continues, “When I have a stuffy nose, one of my favorite things is to put Lavender on my cheekbones and under my nose. Then I place a few drops of Peppermint in my hand, rub it, and inhale it.” Melinda is so enthusiastic about her discovery that she happily shares it with others. “When I notice people have stuffy noses, I have them try this and they usually want to buy the oils on the spot.”

Melinda’s personal formula for success is based on genuinely loving and using the products. “I totally believe in them,” she says. “I also work really hard to help my downline become successful. If my downline finds success, then so will I. It is a team effort. I have also found that if you imitate success, you will become successful. My goal is to train everyone to become like the leading distributors of Young Living.”

Melinda believes that Young Living essential oils are attracting the very best people. “It’s wonderful to see the quality of people who are attracted by the oils. In a short time I was able to sign up the owner of the best health food store on Long Island. The owner agrees that Young Living essential oils are the finest essential oils that can be found in America or anywhere else.”

She feels strongly that all distributors should look for opportunities to share the oils with everyone they meet. “Wherever I go I am looking for people to tell about the oils. I always use the oils when I am out in public and people often ask me what the wonderful smell is. That is my open door to discuss the oils.” Melinda emphasizes that it is vital for distributors to always look for an “open door.” She says, “By using the oils, and sharing your experiences, you will find many open doors. Use the products, educate yourselves, and look for doors that will open.

“I seem to have more calmness and strength in my life now,” continues Melinda. “I feel elevated and have a sense of well-being. I am so thankful to Young Living for giving me physical, emotional and financial balance in my life. I am currently pursuing my goals of contributing to my community and doing educational programs for children. Now I have the freedom to really do some good in the world.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043