Anna_Powell Anna-Maya Powell, a Young Living Silver (2004), was born and raised near Zurich, Switzerland where she studied biochemistry. After an internship at the University of British Columbia, she returned to Zurich to work in microbiology. Later, she traveled to Los Angeles to visit relatives and decided to stay. While living in Los Angeles, she became interested in natural health and began to study reflexology and colon therapy. She eventually practiced and taught both therapies. Afterwards, Anna-Maya traveled to Germany to earn her license in medical and Kneipp hydrotherapy. Following a year in Germany, she returned to Los Angeles and then moved to Dallas.

By this time, Anna-Maya’s health had begun declining, so she started using natural health remedies. She related, “Nothing seemed to work. I began wondering what might become of me.” While at a friend’s home, Eldon Knittle, a Young Living Ambassador, dropped by and was introduced to Anna-Maya. Eldon invited Anna-Maya to hear Gary Young lecture the following week.

“I asked Eldon if Gary was selling natural health products because I had been disappointed so many times before,” said Anna-Maya. “Eldon replied yes, so I told him I was not interested and walked away.” The next week, Anna-Maya felt an urge to call Eldon and ask where the meeting was. She said, “He told me the lecture was quite far and suggested I meet him and his wife for dinner and we could all go together.” After discussing a dinner location, she was still leery of becoming involved with more alternative health products and told Eldon she would not go. However, after reconsidering, Anna-Maya showed up.

Not wanting to appear too interested, Anna-Maya listened casually as Gary stated that he had been using all the best products on the market but they were not working. She recalled, “I found myself being intrigued by what Gary was saying because I could relate. Gary told us that pharmaceutical companies were discovering the healing properties of plants and then isolating the active ingredients to mass-produce them in the lab. In contrast, Gary determined that nature’s formulation is complete, well balanced, and effective. He found that our bodies do not utilize individual nutrients as well as the whole structure with all the nutrients.” Anna-Maya realized that natural health companies were doing almost the same thing as the pharmaceuticals, which was why nothing was working for her.

After hearing Gary’s lecture, AnnaMaya was impressed enough that she decided to use a few Young Living products. In a short time, she felt much better. Many of Anna-Maya’s friends noticed her improvement and asked her what she was doing. “There is nothing more powerful or convincing than a personal experience,” declared Anna-Maya. “When people would ask me what I was doing, it was natural to tell them about Young Living.”

Anna-Maya began attending every lecture and workshop that Young Living provided. She said, “If Gary was speaking in the area, I would load my car and follow him to nearby cities.” Seeing her interest, Gary asked if she would like to assist him. She was thrilled. Spending more than a year as Gary’s assistant, Anna-Maya gained tremendous first-hand knowledge as she watched his research. “I had a front row seat,” commented Anna-Maya. “It was exciting to see the creation of new formulas and products.” Over the next 15 years, Anna-Maya continued her studies in the areas of aromatherapy and health Kinesiology, and became certified in HeartMath.

Her education continued as she accepted the position of a Young Living Trainer. “Traveling the country as a trainer is very rewarding. My life has been enriched in many ways by my association with Young Living distributors,” remarked Anna-Maya. She related, “I treasure the unique and special people in Young Living, and many have become very close friends. I thank all of my team. I am especially thankful to Nancy and Eldon Knittle, Jorn Eisvang, and Gary Young who have always believed in me, which has helped me succeed. When you have people who believe in you, you can do anything.”

Although few people knew, as a child Anna-Maya suffered a tragic accident which nearly took her life. “When I was eleven my brother and I were horseback riding in the countryside. A noise spooked the horses, causing them to turn sharply and run,” she remembered. “My brother was older and stayed in his saddle, but I was slung to the side. One foot slid through the stirrup as I fell and became trapped. The horse continued to run while I was dragged along the ground.” Hours passed before an ambulance could get her to a hospital. At the hospital, doctors discovered she had many broken bones and a serious skull fracture running from her nose to the back of her head. The doctors did not think she would survive the accident so they only provided minimum care. However, Anna-Maya’s powerful desire to recover and her determined spirit triumphed. Even though she was paralyzed for weeks, she was able to walk and return to school eventually. Anna-Maya said, “Doctors in the past few years have confirmed that without the support of Young Living products I would still be suffering considerably from my childhood accident.”

As Anna-Maya continued to learn and grow, she met her husband Jim. While dating, they were having lunch with a few other couples. At the buffet, Jim accidentally poured boiling gumbo on one thumb. Once seated, he kept the throbbing and painfully red thumb under the table. “I was upset I didn’t have my Lavender with me,” Anna-Maya said. “But I asked Jim for permission to put some Peppermint on his thumb. Everyone watched as I liberally doused the swelling skin and he returned his hand to his lap. By the time the dinner tab was paid, the skin was back to normal and all pain was gone. Everyone was amazed. Since his personal experience with Young Living essential oils, Jim has been a Young Living supporter and uses and loves Young Living products. This taught me how important an experience is,” remarked Anna-Maya.

Anna-Maya added, “I personally know happiness and well-being is possible because Young Living’s essential oils and products have supported the restoration of my own health. As we use the oils and products, we continue to stay young and healthy. I desire more than ever to share the Young Living message to bring happiness and peace to everyone. I tell new distributors to never give up and focus on the positive. Young Living is a wonderful company with limitless potential. I am so grateful to be associated with such fine people as Gary and Mary Young.”

Anna-Maya’s Keys to Success:

1. Time Management. I believe we must carefully manage our time. If you only have a few hours a week, carefully plan and focus during this time. Start by writing down what you desire to accomplish in those hours. Set realistic goals to avoid potential discouragement.

2. Mind Management. Mind management has to do with listening to your mind. Conscious language is very important. We choose to listen to what we are saying. If we think and speak negatively, we will not accomplish our goals but will self-sabotage. HeartMath teaches us the heart will win over the mind every time. In order to achieve any goal, we must believe we can. When writing our goals, we must get our emotions involved.

3. Money Management. In Switzerland, we believe in paying as we go and are not taught to live on credit. Here it is too easy to buy first and pay later. I teach people to establish a business system that is solid and grows as you go.

4. Personal Experience. Nothing interests or excites people more than hearing your personal experience. Every distributor must have their own story and look for the opportunities to give new friends a personal encounter with the essential oils. After they do, they will tell everyone naturally

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043