annalisa_jordahl Annalisa Jordahl, a Young Living Executive, joined the company less then one year ago (2006). While attending a motivational seminar, she met Marcella Vonn Harting, a Young Living Diamond. Annalisa knew Marcella’s daughter, Kortni, since she had worked as a hair stylist in a beauty salon Annalisa owned. Annalisa says, “Somehow Marcella and I got on the subject of health and Marcella started telling me about the oils. I wanted to stop taking several medications I was on because the side effects worried me. For ten years, I had been tired and I was tired of being tired. My doctors said there was nothing else to be done. Marcella gave me new hope for my life.”

When Annalisa signed up with Young Living, she told Marcella that she would never do Young Living as a business. She didn’t need any extra income and just wished to buy the products at wholesale. She says, “I told Marcella that I did not know anything about selling and that there was no way I was doing it as a business.”

Several months later, Annalisa was surprised when she was approached by someone who asked to sign up with Young Living. Annalisa shares, “I had been using Young Living’s products for a couple of months, and my salon clients started asking me what I was doing. They noticed such a dramatic change in me that they wanted to know how they could get the same results for themselves. I didn’t know what to do because many of my clients started asking me if they could sign up with Young Living. In a panic, I called Marcella and begged her to come over and help me.” Marcella drove to Annalisa’s salon and started signing people up with Young Living. Annalisa says, “So there I was building a business without even planning to build a business. My business was growing because I used Young Living’s products and started to feel and look better. I never really tried to build a business; it just happened.”

As a person who loves knowledge, Annalisa started listening to the Young Living training materials. She relates, “I learned that it was important to become a product of the product. That made sense because that is what happened to me. I had used Young Living’s products and they had changed my life. I had become a product of the product.” Then Annalisa started removing all of the harmful chemicals and products in her home and replacing them with Young Living’s products. She says, “The more products I used, the more amazed I became. I got so excited that I started telling people what was happening to me and my family.”

Now that Annalisa has tasted success with her Young Living business, she realizes that building a Young Living business is simple and fun. She states, “The reason my business is rapidly growing now is because I have found my passion. I did nails and owned a beauty salon for years and enjoyed it, but I never had a passion for it. With Young Living, I now have found my passion.” Even Annalisa’s nine-year-old daughter is so excited about Young Living that she can hardly wait to become a distributor.

Annalisa says, “Building a successful Young Living business is not about selling; it is about using the products and sharing your experiences. It’s fun. Now because of Young Living, I am already planning to retire from the beauty business next year. With Young Living, I am now pursuing my dreams.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043