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Thieves Household Cleaner, a Young Living essential oil natural cleaning product, is a highly-concentrated formula that can be used on any surface or in any room as the suggested dilution ratios are included on the label. This amazing product can help one be wonderstruck as tough stains and problem areas in their home become easy and simple to clean without using abrasive or harsh chemicals by either using the concentrate straight or diluting it in a spray bottle or bucket. There are many ways to clean in just one bottle like laundry, dishes, carpets, counters, floors, upholstery, mirrors, bathrooms, and so much more. Some industrial cleaners on the market pose an even larger, more dangerous threat to one's health then even some dangerous bacteria! This all-purpose cleanser contains ingredients derived from minerals and plants and still complies with EPA standards while being biodegradable.

Based on one capful == tablespoon

Light degreasing (1:60)

  • tbls. cleaner : 3.75 cups water

1 bottle makes 30 quarts of light degreaser

Med. degreasing (1:30)

  • tbls. cleaner : a little less than 2 cups water

1 bottle makes 15 quarts of medium degreaser

Heavy degreasing (1:15)

  • tbls. cleaner : a little less than 1 cup water

1 bottle makes 71/2 quarts of heaver degreaser

Pots & Pans (1:100)

  • tbls. cleaner : 3 cups water

1 bottles makes 50 quarts of dishwashing liquid

Hand Cleaner (1:1)

  • 1/2 cup cleaner : 1/2 cup water

1 bottle makes 1 quart of hand cleaner

Floors ( 1:100)

  • tbls. cleaner : 6.25 cups water

1 bottle makes 50 quarts of floor cleaner

Walls ( 1:30)

  • tbls. cleaner: a little less than 2 cups water

Fabrics, Carpet Spotting, etc. (1:40)

  • tbls. cleaner : 2 cups water

Carpet (1:100)

  • tbls.cleaner : 6.25 cups water

Glass ( 1:320)

  • 1/2 tsp. cleaner: 5 cups water

therapeutic grade essential oil article Enhancing Your Home - Life occurs moment by moment, and often those moments occur in our homes. We spend about 65 percent of our time inside our homes. 1 We sleep, eat, play, and celebrate life’s special occasions in our homes. Because of this strong connection to home, we are eager to find new ways to make our homes […]

Thieves Household Cleaner Testimonials

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I made the mistake of soaking my orchids in the bathroom sink. Over time, the silt settled in the pipes and they were completely clogged. No amount of plunging unclogged the mess of black mucky water. I poured a capful of Thieves Household Cleaner down the drain, and it completely dissolved the mess. Truly amazing!

Sharon Thom

I dislike the chemicals in the shower sprays available in most stores. But it's Thieves Household Cleaner to the rescue! I now dilute Thieves cleaner (according to the glass cleaner recommendation) in a spray bottle and confidently saturate my wet shower with the solution without holding my breath and racing out the bathroom after spraying. It really works!

Sally DiCesare

This weekend we used Thieves Household Cleaner to wash all the wood trim on the outside of our home. We put water in a large sprayer bottle with 4-5 capfuls of the cleaner. Not only did the wood trim clean up beautifully, but it also looked like we had repainted all the trim. The best part was there were no dangerous fumes, the rags were clean and fragrant, and we tossed out the water knowing it would not harm the grass. Now we are not only clean, but green!

Sabine Barnett

I'm an elementary school teacher. I have white boards in my classroom, large ones mounted on the walls and also individual ones. I use Thieves Household Cleaner to keep them clean. Since it is not harmful, the class can actually clean the individual ones themselves! My first graders love it. I love the fact that there is no greasy residue, the tray for holding the dry erase markers wipes clean without smears, and I can breathe the air in my room after cleaning up. Life is so much easier with essential oil products.

Ruth Parker

I clean an office, and I have found that Thieves Household Cleaner works wonderfully to get black shoe marks off the floor

Rosemary Heurion

I have a dry erase board for leaving messages, and a permanent marker was accidentally used on it. I used Thieves Household Cleaner on it right away. After a few undiluted applications, Thieves took it off completely.

Riox Frosher

I was cleaning my oven with chemicals; they were not getting my oven clean, so I thought I would try Thieves Household Cleaner. I applied it straight from the bottle on the area that needed the most cleaning and left it for about five minutes. I went back to wipe it up, and it came up clean as a whistle. I could not believe it! I will no longer use chemicals to clean the oven. Thieves Household Cleaner does the trick!

Penny LeClair

As a gardener, I know the importance of cleaning my gardening tools – especially pruners – to prevent diseases from spreading from one plant to another. I have found that Thieves Household Cleaner not only cleans sticky sap from a plant quickly and easily, but it also disinfects it at the same time. Happy gardening!

Patricia Abbott

My daughter plays high school volleyball, and after her last game she left her sneakers, knee pads, and foot brace in her gym bag, zipped it closed, and let it sit for two months. You can image the odor that greeted me when I finally opened up that bag! I put everything in the washing machine with some Thieves Household Cleaner. I then took two capfuls of Thieves cleaner, put it in a plastic tub and immersed everything for four hours. When I took everything out, not only was the locker room smell completely gone, but everything actually smelled good as well!

Maria G. Turchi

As a busy bodywork professional, occasionally I've forgotten laundry in the washing machine. I thought my expensive cotton spa sheet would be ruined with a stale smell. But I repeated the wash cycle with a tablespoon of Thieves® Household Cleaner. Thieves eliminated the stale odors and really freshened the sheets and towels I used for massage. Thieves is the best!

Margaret Lambert
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Artwork by Trina Clark

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Thieves Household Cleaner

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greendropThis therapeutic grade essential oil is very mild and can usually be used without dillution for all but the most sensitive skin. The recommended diffusing time is up to 1 hour three times a day. divider8 yellowdropThis therapeutic grade essential oil is warm. While some people are able to use this essential oil without dilution from time to time, but it is generally recommended to dilute it 50/50 (1 part essential oil to 1 part V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex) - especially if using on sensitive areas such as the face, neck, underarms, etc. The recommended diffusing time is up to half an hour three times a day. divider8 reddropThis therapeutic grade essential oil is hot. While some people are able to use this essential oil without dilution from time to time, but it is generally recommended to dilute it 20/80 (1 part essential oil to 4 parts V6 Vegetable Oil Complex) - especially if using on sensitive areas such as the face, neck, underarms, etc. The recommended diffusing time is no more than 10 minutes three times a day. divider8 phPhotosensitizing - avoid using on areas of the skin that will exposed to direct sunlight or UV rays within 12 hours after applying to the skin. divider8 grasGenerally Regarded As Safe to use as a returntary supplement. Please keep in mind that your stomach is more sensitive as your skin - dilution highly recommended! Also, please remember that this same essential oil from another company may not be safe for consumption - check the label first!
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