Therapeutic Grade Myrrh Essential Oil

Therapeutic Grade Myrrh Essential OilTherapeutic Grade Myrrh Essential Oil (Commiphora myrrha) has a smoky, rich, balsamic aroma that is restorative, uplifting, revitalizing, and purifying. Pure myrrh essential oil can help strengthen the immune system and is useful in meditation. This amazing oil has one of the highest levels of sesquiterpenes which are a class of compounds that have a direct effect on the pituitary, amygdala, and hypothalamus which are the seat of our emotions.

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Therapeutic Grade Myrrh Essential Oil

Historically it was long used by the Arabian people to help with aged, dry, chapped, wrinkled, and cracked skin because myrrh is supportive to the body's natural cellular repair process. Today, Myrrh is used in a wide variety of oral hygiene products.

Myrrh is an ancient valuable oil referred to throughout the Bible in both the Old and New Testaments. Solomon likened myrrh to his beloved in the Song of Solomon 1:13, “A bundle of myrrh is my well-beloved unto me.”

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Therapeutic Grade Myrrh Essential Oil
Aromatherapy Usage Information

This therapeutic grade essential oil is very mild and can usually be used without dillution for all but the most sensitive skin. The recommended diffusing time is up to 1 hour three times a day.

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