Ardell_MooreArdell’s health had been slowly deteriorating. Her previously energetic lifestyle was going downhill. She had a broken arm in June 2003 and a broken leg in May 2004. After visiting several doctors about the swelling in her armpit and getting no results, Ardell Moore decided to take matters into her own hands. She finally found out that she had breast cancer after several nerve-racking months, when she had her blood test results sent away to a medical company. By the time Ardell found out, her cancer was at stage 3c, with stage 4 being deadly. The doctors then discovered four cancerous lymph nodes, all gathered under Ardell’s left armpit.

“They were huge,” Ardell recalled. “The surgeon said they measured 7 cubic centimeters (ccs) by 6 ccs by 3 ccs.” Ardell had three of the lymph nodes removed, but her surgeon had to leave one behind because it was trapped behind a critical mass of nerves. Ardell explained, “There is a main nerve that goes under the armpit and supplies the connections for the arm. Usage of the arm could have been endangered if the surgeon had removed that lymph node, so she left it there. “

The determined 71-year-old was not about to give up, however, so she made some instant and dramatic changes in her life. She started by becoming a strict vegetarian. At this time her friend, Anita Starn, introduced her to Young Living’s products and Ardell began drinking Berry Young Juice®. “I drink quite a bit of Berry Young Juice,” Ardell said. “I drink a capful three or four times a day, and I don’t mean these little capfuls. My cap holds two ounces.” Ardell also started using frankincense oil. She applied four to six drops under each armpit and across her breast every day. In addition, Ardell’s brother performed the Raindrop Technique® on her once a week.

From July 26 to December 28,2004, Ardell went through eight “horrible” sessions of chemotherapy. She had four sessions of Doxorubicin, followed by four sessions of Taxol, all in three-week intervals. After the chemotherapy, Ardell’s doctors wanted her to start radiation treatment immediately. Ardell had done her research, however, and knew that the Taxol would still be in her system. “Having the radiation too soon after Taxol would increase the chances of getting lung cancer by 15%,” Ardell explained. ”As it was an unnecessary risk, I was not going to vote for the option of radiation. I had already seen a dear old gentleman die from radiation.”

Ardell’s five children were frustrated by her unwillingness to go through radiation treatment. They begged her to take the “safe medical course.” Ardell argued, “I am not going in for radiation. I am, however, not foolhardy, and I am perfectly willing to go in for all of the blood tests they want. I am going to keep track of my cancer markers.”

While her children refer to radiation treatment as the safer route, Ardell felt that the course she took, using Young Living’s products, was actually safer. She explained, “Radiation-that’s pretty dramatic. You can’t uncook the flesh. I would rather keep trying the more helpful, safer route.” She continued, “It’s worth a shot. I’m keeping up with the blood tests and checking them as I go, and I feel confident. I’m staying healthy!”

Ardell’s friends and family have been very surprised with her outstanding recovery-before the surgery, Ardell had 435 cancer markers in her blood. After the surgery, she still had 331 cancer markers in her blood. At her last blood test, though, Ardell was relieved to say that her cancer level had gone down to just 38 markers. Her physical appearance has changed dramatically since she began using Young Living’s products. Just two months after her last session of chemotherapy, Ardell looks great. She said, “My skin looks so good. My complexion cleared. I look good! Plus, my energy level is back up. I’ve got the old bounce that I used to have. I’ve got more bounce to the ounce!” Her family has had a hard time believing that Ardell’s health is already as great as it is. Ardell explained, “My family members don’t trust my speedy recovery. They don’t feel secure, but eventually, I’m sure they will.”

Now that Ardell has her energy again, she has gotten back into her hobbies of cooking, cleaning, and gardening. After a frustrating year of deteriorating health, broken bones, and a horrible near-death experience with breast cancer, Ardell has come to realize the importance of living well. She has found a renewed enthusiasm for life and a desire to share her Young Living secrets with the world. Ardell declared, “I will be seventy-two this year, and I vow to see eighty-two and good health in ten more years. Drink a bottle of Berry Young Juice, and think of me on occasion.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043 
Please note: Berry Young Juice has been reformulated and is now NingXia Red (and tastier than ever!)