Name: Bonnie Peterson
Career Background: Draftsperson
How Long With Young Living: Since 2002
Why Young Living: Fascinated by the oils
Success Formula: You have to use the products

Bonnie_Peterson “My two-year-old son was grinding his teeth all the time, so I started putting Peace & Calming on his feet every day and he quit.” This was one of the experiences Bonnie Peterson had with essential oils that helped her make up her mind to join the Young Living family.

Bonnie was introduced to Young Living when a friend suggested she try some Peppermint Oil on her feet. She agreed and was pleased by the experience. Bonnie went home and thought about it for a few months and decided that Young Living was a company she needed to investigate more thoroughly.

She liked what she found out and became a distributor. Bonnie relates that her young son had been hospitalized with respiratory system concerns when he was five months old and then again exactly one year later. She discovered that when she used the oils on her son’s feet he felt better. In fact, he has not been to a doctor in a whole year. Now she applies the oils pro actively if she thinks there may be a problem.

Bonnie’s favorite products besides the oils are Genesis Hand and Body Lotion, Dentarome, Morning Start Bath and Shower Gel.

She believes that you have to use the products. “You must be able to tell people about your personal experiences if they are going to believe you.” She added, “I believe in the oils. I have tried them and they work for me. I have seen them make a difference in my family’s lives and my extended family’s lives. Everyone I know who uses the oils likes them.”

Bonnie states, “My advice to new distributors is to just use the oils. Get the desk reference and study it. Learn all that you can about the oils. Become a product of your product. If you know how to use the oils and have experienced them, you can better help others. It’s easy to build an organization if you use the products and simply share them. If other people use the products, they will like them and want more.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043