Name: Indrani Maity
Career Background: Ayurvedic Practitioner
How Long With Young Living: Since 1993
Why Young Living: The purity of the oils
Success Formula: Helping others heal themselves

Indrani_Maity lndrani Maity is a certified Ayurvedic practitioner, a trained naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist, and has extensive training in Reiki healing. She also holds university degrees in chemistry and biology and has been on the teaching staff of New York University: Indrani has been with Young Living a little over three years; however, she has known about the company for eight years. She says, “Over the past eight years, there were several people who have tried to get me into Young Living, but the timing was off. Then when I was ready, the right person popped up.” That person was Stanlee Palmisano. Indrani continues, “As a naturopathic doctor, I chose Young Living because anyone who does the research knows that Young Living has the purest oils available anywhere. The timing was perfect when I met with Stanlee. I was so excited that I purchased over a thousand dollars worth of Young Living essential oils.”

Explaining how her training in the Ayurvedic healing system has helped her in Young Living, Indrani says, ”Ayurveda literally means ‘the science of life.’ It is the natural healing system practiced throughout India.” The study of Ayurveda includes such aspects as herbal medicine, nutrition, bodywork, mental health, emotional health, and spirituality: Indrani believes that this system blends perfectly with Gary Young’s teaching on health and wellbeing. She explains, “According to Ayurveda, a living creature is composed of soul, mind, and body: When these things are out of balance, the result is disease.”

Unfortunately, Indrani has found that it is human nature to find a problem, and rather than solve it, find someone or something to blame. She relates, “People see a problem and do not look for a way to overcome it. Instead, they blame someone or something and say ‘that is just the way it is.'” Indrani teaches that Young Living’s products, especially the oils, can help people change even the most challenging problems. She gets frustrated with people who have the knowledge to achieve amazing positive change but do not take advantage of it. Indrani says, “Some people use Young Living’s products, but they do not embrace the full potential of the oils. They do Young Living-in that they use the products, but they do not become Young Living, which is a true lifestyle change. It is a complete lifestyle transformation. Being Young Living means having the desire to evolve and become something greater than you presently are.” Indrani explains that many people never sit down and think about where they are in life and then think about where they desire to be. Indrani adds, “Young Living is all about creating positive changes in our physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial life. Young Living can lift us to a higher level in every aspect.”

Indrani’s advice to new distributors is to embrace the entire lifestyle of Young Living. She says, “I tell new people to use the products. Once they use the products, they will get the passion. With passion, they will be able to begin transforming their lives.” Indrani also believes that essential oils influence the frequency of the human body: She teaches, “It is all about vibration. When you use the oils their frequency raises your body’s frequency: People are naturally attracted to those who have higher frequencies. If people raise their vibrational frequency, then the world will become a better place for everyone. When you are Being Young Living, your vibration is so high that people will be drawn to you.” Encouraging new distributors to focus on the desires of the people they share Young Living with, Indrani says, “I ask people what they desire, and then I help them get what they desire. If their dream is small or large, I will help them get the results they desire. That is what I love about the oils-they are very results oriented.”

Expressing her vision of the future of Young Living, Indrani says, “I wholly support Gary Young and his vision to positively change the world. As Young Living continues to grow globally, we will change the world. Using the oils will raise our individual vibrations, which in turn will raise the world’s vibration. Being Young Living will change the world.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043