Cistus Essential Oil - a Bible Healing Oil

Cistus ladanifer1Juan SanchezCistus essential oil (Cistus ladanifer) is derived from the plant that is referred to as the Rose of Sharon in the Bible.

The Rose of Sharon is also known as the rock rose and ladanum.

As sheep and goats browsed near Mt Carmel, an aromatic resin from the Rose of Sharon would collect on the wool and hair. Shepherds discovered that rubbing the resin on wounds found among the flock would soothe them.

The Spiritual Connection: Cistus Essential Oil

Cistus in the Bible:

I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.Song of Solomon 2:1, KJV
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Not only is the Lord the Rose of Sharon, but He is the Good Shepherd that desires to soothe all our wounds, if only we would let Him.

5 Uses and Benefits for Cistus Essential Oil

  • May be stimulating to a normal immune system.
  • May support the sympathetic nervous system.
  • May support normal cell regeneration of minor cuts and scratches.
  • May aid in overcoming negative emotions in order to express self-reliance.
  • A fragrant reminder that the Lord is the true Rose of Sharon and it is He that gives the gift of healing.
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