Introduction to Bible Healing Oils

Hi! My name is Diana Hooper. Like most, I am not a doctor. I never have been and I never will be. I am also not allowed to make medical claims about products that are not clinically tested and approved by the FDA. Instead what we can do is share success stories and say that those particular results may be possible for you as well.

While it's annoying to not be able to shout from the roofs when I am so happy with my personal results in using quality therapeutic grade essential oils, I do understand why regulation is important.

Not everyone responds the same way to any substance, which is why it takes so long for things to be approved by the FDA for use. Plus, a “normal” or “healthy” system will respond differently than one that has a problem.

When you think about it, most people, fall under the “normal” category, even if they are sick with a cold or something. A healthy immune system kicks in just as it should. A healthy immune system can (sometimes) benefit from using a Bible healing oil that supports the body's normal functions to either respond faster, or with more energy, or in a specific manner.

However, those with auto-immune diseases do not react well to the immune system being stimulated and may not experience the same beneficial results from using the same product.

Another example that comes to mind:

It is a well-known that peppermint tea eases an upset stomach, right? However, my father, ex-husband, and daughter all feel worse drinking even a small amount of peppermint tea.

We are all unique and that includes our bodies response to items – even natural and healthy products.

Skin types have different responses as well, as they are also an organ.

Please remember that each Bible healing oil is highly concentrated. While one person could bathe in a “hot” essential oil, another will find that even the mildest blend will need to be diluted.

Another really interesting point, if you've recently used a chemical-based product in the last 48hrs, you will find that the Bible healing oil reacts differently on the same skin than if the skin were chemical free.

So what one person loves, another person can't stand. It is up to you to decide whether to experiment for yourself and see if you notice any benefits or not.

Honestly, I was completely skeptical of using essential oils at first, but finally decided to try a little thanks to pressure from my family… but I won't digress, that is another story that can be read at: Introduction to Essential Oils eGuide

Back to Bible Healing Oils…

Once I completely fell in love with Young Living Essential Oils, I wanted to share them with others. It is the same way when we fall in love with our Creator – we want to share Him!

In this series of articles, it is my desire to provide information on Bible healing oil (specifically, the aromatic plants mentioned in the Bible that we distill therapeutic grade essential oils from); plus, turn our minds to spiritual applications and uplift the Creator and original Aromatherapist as well. Let me know how I do!

introduction to bible healing oils