What Every Christian Should Know About Essential Oils and Meditation – An Introduction to Bible Healing Oils

Diana KelleyHi! My name is Diana Kelley. I used to believe it to be my Christian duty to turn my back on using essential oils simply because they are commonly used by people from eastern and New Age religions. Having read in Frank Parelli’s novels that these religions are purely satanic, I didn’t want to have anything to do with ANY of their practices (without actually learning about their beliefs… just in case).

However, once I discovered that the Lord commanded the use of aromatic plants in His sanctuary services, I decided that I really needed to rethink my position.

Aromatic Plants: Heavenly Gift or Slippery Slope for the Christian?

Every Christian should keep in mind this Bible verse:

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above… James 1:17, KJV
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I soon discovered that, from the beginning of recorded history, cultures around the globe used aromatic plants for medicinal use. In fact, the birth of such modern medicines as aspirin and digitalis began with… plants! Scientists worked on finding the specific properties (the active ingredient, if you will) in the plants that were effective, then duplicating them for more consistent results. Now, drugs are commonly synthetically engineered so that the use of the plants are no longer needed, except for the initial research. In contrast, distilling therapeutic grade essential oils is a process designed to preserve as many properties of the plant as possible, instead of relying solely on the most prominent ”active ingredient”.

Modern science has proven what has been taught in eastern religions for centuries - a healthy lifestyle improves quality of life in all ages.

In an effort to keep up with the millions of people who have become more health oriented, we now see essential oils listed instead of fragrance in all sorts of products from air fresheners to beauty products and soaps of all kinds. The problem with this is that the essential oils and/or the products themselves are laden with chemicals to keep the cost down (let’s face it – natural products are more expensive). Most people either don’t care or can’t tell the difference. I too am drawn to the low cost of these products from time to time, but I have a chemical sensitivity and most of them give me an instant headache or create skin irritations causing me to run back to my favorite chemical-free products!

Meditation for the Christian: Good or Evil?

The most common reason that I know of that the Christian turns away from using practices with roots in eastern religions such as yoga and using essential oils is due to a misunderstanding of meditation.

Now, I admit, I still have not studied these religions. Yet, my understanding is that the problem for the Christian lies in clearing the mind to such a point as to enter a hypnotic, trance-like state.

Many Christian believes that this allows the devil easy access to the subconscious. Maybe this is true, maybe not. What I do know is that there are different forms of meditation and, above all, the Devil loves to corrupt God’s truth with his lies – turning a blessing that God has given to us into something altogether different than what He intended.

Learning to breathe well and deeply improves our overall health – mind, body, and spirit.

Part of the practice of meditation is focusing on better breathing. It encourages increased lung capacity. This improves blood oxygen levels, which allows each cell to work more efficiently. The added oxygen increases energy levels and improves clarity of thought.

Learning to focus on what we are doing (at this moment: breathing) helps us to:

  • still inner turmoil
  • eradicate negativity
  • promote better listening skills
  • and, most importantly, improve prayer life
Prayer is Meditation

Please note that the type of meditation we have been discussing is not a mindless act, but one of intentional focus... also known as Prayer. With it comes that zen-like peace promised in the Bible that we all desire.

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. Isaiah 26:3, KJV
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I believe that it is for this reason that the Bible actually encourages us to meditate. Specifically, we are to meditate on God, His grace toward us, and how He desires us to live. See Bible Verses About Meditation.

As the famous song says:

  • Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
  • Look full in His wonderful face,
  • and the things of earth will grow strangely dim,
  • in the light of His glory and grace.

Connecting Essential Oils and Meditation

The act of burning incense during meditation to elevate the thoughts to the spiritual realm is not solely an eastern religion tradition. The Lord actually commanded it for elements of His service in the Old Testament.

I have found Frankincense to be particularly beneficial in keeping my thoughts focused on the Lord, though I personally find using therapeutic grade essential oils to be cleaner and more effective than the burning of incense.

mission statement

Religion and business are not two separate things; they are one, Bible religion is to be interwoven with all we do or say. – E.G. White

My journey of learning about essential oils and their place in my life has been exciting and joyous. From the moment that I completely fell in love with Young Living Essential Oils, I have wanted to share them with others. It is the same way when we fall in love with our Creator – we want to share Him! So, I created Essentials of Life to share my love for God as well as His gift of essential oils smile

In this series of articles, it is my desire to provide information on Bible healing oil (specifically, the aromatic plants mentioned in the Bible that we distill therapeutic grade essential oils from); plus, help the Christian to realize that the use of essential oils and meditation are not evil, but are gifts from above that, when used as intended, turn our minds to spiritual applications and uplift the Creator and original Aromatherapist as well. Let me know how I do!

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