I’m having one of those brain-freeze moments when you are over-loaded with ideas and inspiration but have no clue what to do! I was reminded of a favorite quote today by Ivan Turgenev who said

If we wait for the moment when everything is ready, we shall never begin.

and decided that I don’t need to finish re-constructing my website before creating a Facebook page and Google+ page. Only now I’m stuck on constructing a cover photo. Ugh! After several hours constructing what I thought I wanted, I hit “delete” after seeing it on the profile. wp-monalisa icon For now, I’m settling for a company supplied one. It’s nice, but it doesn’t shout “It’s Me!”


This is my profile image for both Facebook and Google+ pages

If it were earlier in the day (not night), I would use some Peppermint or Clarity essential oil blend to clear my mind while I write out my ideas and give them structure. But, considering the time, I’m going to go enjoy a few minutes with my children and work on profiles another day.