Name: Orest and Sue Pelechaty
Background: Acupuncturist and Doctor of Oriental Medicine; Chemical Engineer
How Long With Young Living: Since 2003
Why Young Living: Great opportunity
Success Formula: Empowering others

OrestandSue Orest and Sue Pelechaty have been in the holistic health field for about twenty years. Orest is an acupuncturist and doctor of Oriental medicine, and Sue has a background in chemical engineering. Together in 1988, Orest and Sue founded and co-directed Aware of Life Options and Healing Arts (ALOHA), a leading holistic health clinic in New Jersey: Three years ago, they chose to sell their successful clinic and follow their passion of sharing health education and self-empowerment with others through Young Living.

Sue says, “I knew my friends Jeffrey Lewis and Gailann Greene were with Young Living, but we were running our clinic and did not have the time to become involved in another business.” About three years ago, Sue was invited to go house shopping with Gailann. She was surprised that Gailann was looking at such expensive homes. When Sue got home, she told Orest that they should look into Young Living. She said that with their large health clinic, even though they were bringing in a lot of money; their overhead was high and they were not saving for their retirement. Sue says, “I asked Orest to take a closer look at Young Living. He said he was reluctant since his professional reputation was on the line. I was persistent and Orest agreed to investigate Young Living.”

Jeffrey and Orest flew to Utah. Sue says, “Orest came home from Utah and said, ‘Whether we make money in this business or not, it is very important that we join Young Living because Gary Young is creating a new paradigm in alternative health care using essential oils.’ And that is how we started.” Orest adds, ”A wonderful thing happened when Jeffrey took me to Utah. I saw Gary Young teaching and was so impressed with his knowledge of naturopathy and his desire to teach self-care health concepts. I saw that he was rediscovering the very deep mind, body; and spirit relationships that are elemental to the Oriental medical model.”

After joining Young Living, Sue and Orest found that they were being pulled away from the healing part of the business they loved and were being bogged down by the details of running the clinic. Sue says, “We decided to sell the clinic and go back to a ‘hands-on’ approach to helping people improve their health through our Young Living business. Since joining Young Living, we have simplified our lives, are doing something we love, and are making more money: We teach people how to develop their own self-care health system using essential oils.” Orest adds, “People today do not value self-care as they should. They have been indoctrinated to believe that when they have a problem, they go to the doctor and get a lab-produced chemical. The first step in health care should be thinking of what we can do for ourselves. This is what Gary Young teaches.”

Their success formula at Young Living is based upon Sue and Orest’s compassion and their ability to focus on the desires of their team. Sue says, “When people share their dreams with us, it goes directly into our hearts. We hold the intention that they will succeed and that we can help them manifest their dreams. Love is what makes it work.” Sue and Orest have found that the more they concentrate on others, the more blessed they have been. They have discovered that what they give out comes back many times over. Sue continues, ”Along with helping people achieve their dreams, I also believe that it is important for new distributors to study network marketing. Young Living’s products will sell themselves, but it helps if distributors understand network marketing.” Sue believes that network marketing is a brilliant marketing model and that when a person truly understands the business, they will attract others and will share without hesitation. She points out that sometimes distributors are excited about Young Living’s products but are reluctant about network marketing. Sue says, “Once people understand the positive aspects of network marketing, they will no longer be hesitant.”

Summing up their mutual feelings, Orest states, “Young Living is the right company at the right time. Young Living is the catalyst for human evolution.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043