You Are Always Here For Me

Lord, thank you that, no matter what, You are always here for me. No, that is not a typo… God is not a god far off. He doesn’t need to make a journey to be with us. He is here, present, right now. It doesn’t matter what we... read more

Thank You for Refugee Camps

Thank you, Lord, for refugee camps… A refugee is a person who leaves home… maybe country…. sometimes family… for a place of safety. Throughout the ages, the Lord has moved compassionate people into providing a place... read more

Thank You for Firefighters

Thank you, Lord, for firefighters. Over ten million acres have been burned in the United States this summer due to wildfires. Tens of thousands of people were displaced and over a thousand lost their homes in California... read more

Thank You for Rain

Rain is required to settle the dust, clear the air, water the vegetation the surrounds us, and refill ponds, lakes, and such. Regardless, it is sometimes difficult to be thankful for rain – especially if it is causing... read more