Blue Agave

(noun) A species of the agave plant that grows natively in Mexico and is cultivated for its nectar. Mysterious, magnificent, memorable-Mexico inspires many words that describe its people, plants, and culture. With a history... read more


(noun) The science of using the fragrance of essential oils to nurture and promote well-being. Soft and subtle floral fragrances; woody, spicy, earthy aromas-the language of aromatherapy is as soothing to the ears as the... read more

The Internal Use [Question] Answer

Essential oil use is documented as early as 4500 B.C., and the reintroduction of essential oils into modern society began in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. As essential oils gain prominence, people are... read more

Walking in Shadow Valley

Nightlight on. Telephone by bed. Medications given. Blankets tucked in carefully. Standing in the darkened bedroom doorway, a saddened adult suddenly realizes he or she has just switched roles with an elderly parent. The... read more