Name: Claudia Lanigan
Career Background: Designer
How Long With Young Living: Since 1996
Why Young Living: Profound effect of the oils
Success Formula: Follow your intuition

Claudia_Lanigan Claudia Lanigan’s interest in alternative health began when she finished college and got a job on a sailing schooner teaching high school. She related, “Growing up, I lived on pop and junk food. I had scoliosis, was sick a lot, and did not have much energy.” While teaching on the schooner, Claudia read Adelle Davis’ book Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit. That book changed her life. She said, “I realized that I could strengthen my body by eating right. I started investigating alternative health and I instituted a vitamin program for the children on the ship.”

At this time, Claudia was a rational atheist. She shared, “A rational atheist does not believe in God, or anything metaphysical or religious. Everything is based on rationality, logic, and science.” Later in life, Claudia studied holographic re-patterning, hypnotherapy, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She also became a Reiki Master and a massage therapist. Claudia said, “I was doing juice fasts, colonics, and being very careful with what I ate, but I was completely missing the spiritual connection in my life.”

“When I started using Young Living essential oils, it was such a quantum leap for me,” said Claudia. She added, “The oils affected me profoundly. Not only did I feel better physically and emotionally, but much to my surprise, I discovered my hidden spirituality.” Claudia believed it was time to change her occupation. She had a business as an interior decorator and was constantly around paint and other harmful chemicals and their fumes. Claudia said, “It was like the oils opened up my eyes to all these wonderful new possibilities. After using Young Living essential oils, I knew that I desired to become totally involved with them and with healing. “

While attending a Raindrop Technique training being taught by Gary Young, Claudia sensed an outpouring of spiritual and emotional feelings. She related, “I sensed that my heart was opening up. I actually felt physical pain as I released the negative emotions I had held inside. It was such an awakening. I felt like a flower that was opening as I became a spiritual being. It was a total transformation.”

Claudia incorporates Young Living essential oils with all of the healing modalities she has learned. For her, the oils come first – the modalities second. She said that when she helps people discover Young Living essential oils, she knows that she is helping them open up their soul and discover their highest potential. Claudia said, “The oils are a transforming experience. No one has exactly the same path in life. Each one finds their own truth by using the oils.”

Her advice to new distributors is to use the products. Claudia believes that if people will use the oils, they will be guided. She has found that some new distributors think that since she is so highly trained, they have to know everything before they can effectively use the oils. Claudia teaches, “Knowledge is important, but the experience is more important. I tell people to use the oils and let them be their guide. Just put on the oils and trust your intuition.” Claudia helps people understand that using Young Living essential oils is a journey of awareness. She said, “Trust the process as it unfolds. Everything we require to heal ourselves is right here. We will be guided if we trust.”

In Claudia’s family, there are three generations that use Young Living essential oils – her parents, she and her husband, and their children. At Young Living conventions, all three generations attend. Claudia related that her parents do not have the health problems that others their age typically have, and that her kids love Young Living products. She said, “Using Young Living products has made our entire family aware of nutrition and health. The oils really have changed our lives. We all love Berry Young Juice. We drink it every day. As a family, we use practically all of the Young Living products.”

“Gary and Mary Young have taught me so much,” said Claudia. She continued, ‘They have opened my awareness to what is possible and taught me that we have no limitations.” Claudia pointed out that unfortunately we live in a world where we constantly hear many negative things. “People are worried about all the negative things happening in the world. I am optimistic because if I can change, and if my family can change, then my community can change, and with the oils we can change the whole planet. Even if it is just one person at a time, it will spread across the globe. Young Living can change the world.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043