Name: Sophie Ann Aoki
Career Background: Healing arts
How Long With Young Living: Since 1996
Why Young Living: The oils resonated with me
Success Formula: Desire and belief

Sophie_Aoki Vicki Opfer, a Young Living Diamond, introduced Sophie Ann Aoki to Young Living about eight years ago. Recalling the experience Sophie said, “I was visiting some friends in Colorado. While there, I had heard about a Native American medicine man named Milo Beaver. I was curious and went with my friends to hear him speak.” Sophie Ann enjoyed Milo’s presentation and chose to know more. She found out he was offering individual counseling at Vick Opfer’s house. Since Milo’s appointments were running very late, Vicki invited Sophie Ann to stay for dinner. Sophie Ann related, “Vicki was so gracious. We took a walk around the lake near her house.”

On their walk, a wasp stung Vicki’s son. Sophie Ann recalled, “I watched Vicki respond when a wasp stung her son. He was screaming in pain and Vicki took him up in her arms and put a drop of essential oil on the sting. Her small son almost immediately sprang out of her arms and went out to play. The effect of the oil was so instant. I had to know more.”

When she got home, Sophie Ann contracted Young Living and asked for more information. “Young Living sent me a few pieces of information, including a price list and a Missing Link tape,” she said. She loved the Missing Link tape and ordered an Essential 7 Kit. “I received my Essential 7 Kit, but I did not know what to do. So, I opened some of the bottles and went by instinct.”

Included with Sophie’s first order was a Young Living newsletter that announced an annual grand convention being held in Salt Lake City, Utah. Sophie, who lives in Hawaii, related that she was very excited about going to convention. Because of her enthusiasm and interest, she made the trip to Salt Lake City to attend convention. She and Vicki Opfer were roommates there. Sophie Ann was also interested in visiting the herb farm. She said, “When I visited the farm in Mona, I had such a feeling of peace and understanding. Everything I saw and felt at the farm fit perfectly within my belief system. I sensed the integrity of Young Living and everything was so flawlessly in harmony with what I felt to be true. While touring the farm, I kept having feelings that said ‘follow your heart.’ So I did.”

A few months later, Sophie Ann traveled with Gary Young and other Young Living distributors to Turkey. Speaking about the trip, she said, “Gary is a fabulous teacher. We were in classes all day and sometimes he called us back for more at night. It was an experience of complete immersion into the science and practice of essential oils.” The trip was such a powerful experience that Sophie Ann decided to leave her job and follow her heart. She said, “I decided to let my heart lead me and I dove into Young Living.”

Sophie Ann teaches new distributors that success with Young Living is very simple. She explains, “Sometimes people make things more complicated than they should. Young Living is simple. Use the products and share your experiences with others. That is it.” Sophie Ann says that success starts with desire and belief and that everyone can do it. She teaches, “Just start wherever you are and share whatever you know. If you have only used Berry Young Juice, share Berry Young Juice. If you have only tried one of the oils, share the experiences you have with that oil.”

One of the most important elements of success, according to Sophie, is organization. She explained that in order to share the oils effectively with the most people possible, distributors must be organized. She commented, “The more organized we are, the more we can share with others with grace and ease.” Sophie Ann expressed that her organization has become her “extended family.” She said, ”As we help people transform and heal, we share a closeness and love. That love motivates us to help others, and to build upon the bonds that have been established. Building a Young Living business is a process of healing, of growing in awareness, and sharing it with others in love.”

Young Living becomes such a lifestyle for most distributors, according to Sophie, that they end up sharing Young Living with others just by the way they live. “Often we share Young Living without even realizing it. After using Young Living products, soon you incorporate them into all the areas of your life. Young Living becomes a lifestyle,” she said.

Sophie Ann expressed her love for Gary and Mary Young and said, “I am so grateful to Gary for his integrity and compassion. Gary and Mary are both such tremendous examples. I love that in leaders. They live what they teach. It inspires me to do the same. Young Living products are more than just the best health supplements in the world; they are tools for personal, community, and global transformation. Young Living essential oils are like divine energy in a bottle.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043