Name: Bodil Anderson
Career Background: Health spa owner
With Young Living: Since 1997
Why Young Living: The frequency of the oils
Success Formula: Don’t get stressed about trying to sell-go with the flow

Bodil_Anderson Bodil Anderson has always been very interested in health. Although she owned a spa, she always had a desire to help people live healthier lives.

“I was introduced to Young Living when a friend put some Valor essential oil blend on my feet,” said Bodil. “It felt so incredibly wonderful that I knew essential oils were something I had to learn more about.”

Bodil studied alternative health for many years. “I have believed for a long time that every living thing in nature has its own electric frequency. I also believe that the human body, and every organ in it, has a certain frequency. When I discovered that essential oils also have specific frequencies, it made perfect sense to me.”
Bodil has had many wonderful experiences using Young Living products.

“My husband used to have such severe challenges with his stomach that I often had to take him to the hospital. After being introduced to Young Living products, we tried I.C.P., Mint Condition and Di-Tone. It was amazing to see the change this made in him. My favorite product is Berry Young Juice. I can feel the difference it makes in my life. I also love the Cleansing Trio. I was in the health business, and I know that cleansing is a key to good health.”

Because she has a love of truth and knowledge, Bodil is constantly searching for additional information she can use to help others. “My advice to new distributors is to read all about the oils. They need to read the company literature and listen to the tapes. Along with increased knowledge comes increased confidence when discussing the products.

“Success in building a Young Living business is just a matter of making a small change in attitude,” continued Bodil. “We tell our friends about good food at good restaurants, and we tell them about good movies we have seen. The same principle applies when you share the products. Just tell your friends about the good oils you use.

“New distributors need to use essential oils and other Young Living products. Then they will have some incredible personal experiences that they can share. Having personal experiences to share makes talking about the products and opportunity easy. When I go out to eat, I always take my Peppermint Oil along. Once I’m in the restaurant, I place a few drops in my water. That always creates curiosity. When people ask me what I am putting in my water, I share with them information about essential oils and Young Living.”

Bodil’s final advice is simple yet powerful. “Don’t get stressed about trying to sell. Young Living products are good enough to sell themselves-if you will just talk about them. Relax, have fun and go with the flow.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043