Doug_Mills Doug Mills was suffering from allergies when a friend called him. “My friend heard me sneezing over the telephone and asked if I had a cold,” said Doug. “I answered, ‘No, it is just my allergies.’ My friend said he had an audiotape with information that might help me, and that if I would listen to it, he would send it. The tape was The Missing Link. He sent it, I listened, and the rest is history.”

Doug had been associated with network marketing since the early 1980s. He said, “I caught the vision of being my own boss and being in control of my own destiny. I had a dream of having the kind of financial freedom that would not be possible with any of the positions that I could find in the traditional job market. “

Even though he loved the concept of network marketing, Doug faced some serious challenges. He said, “I live in Iowa, a very sparsely populated state. My home is on a farm that you get to by traveling down a gravel road, and the nearest town has a population of only about 100 people. I run a little greenhouse operation, growing flowers and vegetables.” Doug said that the potential for earning money in this locale is very limited. “In my town a $5 per hour job is considered a good opportunity.”

Nevertheless, Doug was determined to succeed at network marketing. He said, “Starting with my first network marketing company, I learned that once you decide you want to do this business and it is in your heart, you have to take massive action! Since there are not enough people in my town for me to take massive action, I had to reach out to people in other areas.”

Doug has found that he can reach an unlimited number of people by making use of available technology. “I advertise in newspapers, fax out flyers, send out postcards and make telephone calls. Nowadays, as long as you have a telephone, fax machine or computer, you can reach people all over the country and all over the world very quickly.”

Doug’s advice to business builders is to be bold. “People need to take massive action to build their businesses. They must take their Young Living business seriously. That means writing out goals on paper.” He continued, “Decide what you want to do and allocate the time and resources to do it. Make a plan to work your business on a continual and regular basis.”

Doug pointed out that when people work for someone else, they agree to be on the jobsite at a certain time, for a certain number of days per week. He said, “Treat your network marketing business the same way! Decide when you are going to build your business and then do it religiously, as if you had a boss making you do it. There is no doubt that finding the extra time and sticking with it can be a sacrifice at times, but it is a short-term sacrifice and well worth it when you look at the long-term benefits. Turn the television off, stay up a little later and work efficiently.”

According to Doug, finding the right network marketing company is very important. He said, ‘The real key is picking the right company … a company with real products and real substance like Young Living. When you choose a company like Young Living, you are paid in many ways. You not only benefit financially, but you are rewarded in your heart when you help other people with their health and financial well-being.”

Doug teaches his new distributors that they need to be passionate about Young Living. “You have to feel like what you are doing is a mission, so to speak. That will make it a lot easier to set goals and allocate the time necessary to meet them. The desire has to precede the effort. It has to be worth it to you.

“You have to become committed to what you really want your life to look like in two to five years,” he continued. “In order for your life to change, you must change. People have to think in terms of the future and start now because it will take a while for their Young Living business to grow and for the income to make a significant difference. So be consistent, be patient and continue to build.”

It is not all about business for Doug; his enthusiasm is based solidly on the effectiveness of Young Living products. He said, “From day one I saw the life-changing benefits of using Young Living products for both mental and physical health. I saw that the results of using these products was far more significant than the results of using products from the other companies I had been involved with for 15 years. That really revs up the excitement. It makes you want to do more and work harder.”

Doug has found that there are two main rewards for being associated with Young Living. “The rewards are two pronged. One is having the ability to touch people in a way that makes a big difference in terms of their health. You cannot put a price on that. The other reward is financial freedom. What would it be like if you did not have to worry about money? Just imagine providing what your family needs, as well as being able to afford the extras and to put some away in savings. One important thing is being able to afford better foods and supplements. It is not cheap to be healthy.

“Right from the start it was clear to me that Young Living is going to be the biggest thing to hit natural and holistic healthcare in our lifetime,” Doug said. “I feel that at this point in time, Young Living and its distributors are pioneers. It is analogous to having recognized the opportunity to purchase the first offering of Microsoft or Apple Computer stock. That is where Young Living is right now. Ten or 20 years from now we will all look back and recognize the opportunity we had at this time. The difference is that we can still choose to be a part of it. Therapeutic essential oils will be used in households across America. The world has embraced herbs and it will not take long for the essential oil market to explode. It is going to happen with or without any of us. This is already in motion. I certainly want to look back and say that I played a part in making it happen.”

Commenting on the future for Young Living, Doug said, “As I watch Gary Young and I see Young Living grow, I realize that his guiding vision of physical, mental, spiritual and financial freedom is unfolding daily. Wonderful opportunities continue to manifest themselves. There is no limit to Gary or his vision. I challenge anyone who is seeking truth in holistic natural healthcare to check out Young Living and to use their products. If people are willing to just try the essential oils, they will have a wonderful experience. I guarantee that once people use Young Living products, they will begin to see Gary’s vision of freedom-and they will like what they see.”

Doug’s Keys to Success

1. Set goals
2. Be passionate
3. Be consistent
4. Be patient
5. Continue to grow

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043