Name: Emily Laurel
Background: Human resources professional
With Young Living: since 1997
Why Young Living: Highest quality products
Success Formula: Persistence and loving people

Emily_Laurel Marcy Smith introduced Emily Laurel to Young Living about six years ago. Emily said, “I had used various essential oils before and found that they really didn’t do anything for me. So when I was approached by Marcy, I wasn’t really interested.” However, Marcy was passionate about Young Living’s essential oils and persisted. Judy related, “I was attending a Whole Life Expo conference in Austin, Texas, where Marcy lived, and she invited me to stay at her home. While I was there, she brought out her Feelings Kit and invited me to try some oils.” Emily was so impressed by the oils that she helped Marcy organize an essential oils class in Houston.

“I told Marcy that I would organize a class for her if she would come over and teach it. She agreed and that is how we began,” said Emily. Many of the people who attended the class joined Young Living, and each of them bought a Feelings Kit. “Marcy taught that class about once a month for a year, and that was the foundation for my Young Living business. Several of the first people to attend Marcy’s class are now my top leaders.”

One of the people Emily met through Marcy was Judy DeRuvo, who has since purchased the Kirlian camera equipment mentioned by Dr. Sabina Devita at the last Young Living convention. Emily said, “The Kirlian camera gives people a realistic picture of what is happening in their energy fields, and it helps them monitor their progress. The system also does some interesting correlations that show the person’s stress levels, energy fields and chakras system. And it diagrams the energy field in a visual representation based on nonlinear fractal analysis.”

Expressing her thoughts on business building, Emily said, “Distributors really need to find their own method and develop their own style. What works for one person may not work for another. Be persistent and never give up.”
Emily has developed a distributor follow-up program that has been very successful. “My follow-up program is similar to one Teri Williams designed. I call it ‘The Young Living Vibrant Health Nutrition Program.’ It is based on a partnership commitment with new distributors that requires them to use Autoship for the six-month program. The Vibrant Health Nutrition Program is focused on the Young Living products Vitagreen, Berry Young Juice, Detoxzyme and CortiStop. I tell new distributors that they can change their lives with this program. It happened for me, and it can happen for them, too.

“Frank Burns emphasized that you have to constantly invest in your business. I always have made it a point to provide as much support as I can for my people. I have trusted my heart and have given my people what I would want for myself,” said Emily.

Emily believes that one of the essential keys to building a Young Living business is establishing communication. She said, “You have to have great communication. One of the best ways to communicate today is through email. It is time for people who are not using computers to start using computers. Times are changing and those who do not change with the times will be left behind. Email is a wonderful tool that is extremely cost effective. It will help people’s Young Living businesses grow more than almost anything else.

“People need to take initiative to move forward and embrace the future,” said Emily. “It is time for people to step out in faith and be a contributor. To grow, people have to be willing to learn new things.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043