Comparing Dried Herbs to Priceless Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

OK, let's do some comparisons to give you a better understanding of the value of using therapeutic grade essential oil vs their dried herbs counterpart…

Lavender flower herbs vs. Young Living's lavender therapeutic grade essential oil

According to one DIY recipe that we read from The Lavender Garden by Robert Kourik, it takes an average of 10 lbs of dried lavender flowers to make 1 oz of extracted essential oil. That's roughly $40 for 1 oz of the therapeutic grade essential oil vs. over $100 to buy the flowers for his DIY extraction method – and you don't even get to test it for quality!

This really isn't a fair comparison though, as Young Living uses fresh cut plants for their therapeutic grade essential oil and not dried herbs. Here's another comparison for you... let's say that you want to grow the plants yourself to make your own lavender essential oil. It takes 27 square feet of lavender plants to make ONE 15ml bottle of Young Living's therapeutic grade essential oil. That's a lot of space!

Peppermint leaf herbs vs. Young Living's Peppermint therapeutic grade essential oil

peppermint leavesIt takes 1 pound of raw peppermint herbs to produce a 15ml bottle of peppermint therapeutic grade essential oil. If you dry this down, it'll make about 30 cups of tea at a cost of .25 per cup. Although the essential oil is 3x that price, it is far more potent and versatile than the herbs tea – imagine soaking your tired feet in brewed tea versus rubbing a drop or two of peppermint essential oil on…

Lemon peel herbs vs. Young Living's Lemon therapeutic grade essential oil

According to Young Living, it takes roughly 75 lemon peel herbs to produce 1 15ml bottle of therapeutic grade essential oil – that's less than $12 (wholesale). If ½ tsp of dried lemon peel equals 1 lemon, then it would take 6 ½ ounces of dried lemon peel to equal 75 lemons.

Now, at $2 per ounce, that means that therapeutic grade lemon essential oil shockingly costs about the same as dried lemon peel. However, the dried peel contains only about 2% of volatile oil, which is why, when you open a bottle of lemon peel, you are greeted with only a faint lemony scent. But, when you open a bottle of therapeutic grade lemon essential oil… it is like cutting into a fresh, perfectly ripe lemon…. A wonderful aroma. Plus, our lemon essential oil is 68% of naturally occuring d-limonene. It would take a whole lot of dried lemon peel to even come close to that! You can easily see why essential oils were once referred to as precious oils!

Now, you could probably buy dried herbs, or maybe even over-the-counter drugs, for many of the therapeutic grade essential oil uses for less, but… do they uplift your spirits? Have the fresh aroma of nature? Give you more energy? Clear your head of that “brain cloud”? Make you feel alive? Now that… that is Priceless.

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