Seed to Seal: Cultivate

Through expert cultivation on farms around the world, Young Living has mastered growing high-quality aromatic plants. Cultivation includes planting, growing, and harvesting the delicate herbs in preparation for distillation. Young Living currently operates four farms, each dedicated to the cultivation of the world's most potent and pure plant sources. These farms, and our years of experience perfecting the cultivation process, help ensure members get the results they expect from every bottle of essential oil.

Young Living Farm

St. Maries, Idaho: In 1992, Gary Young purchased 160 acres of pristine farmland near the small logging town of St. Maries, Idaho. This property had never before been plowed or subjected to harsh chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers – making it an ideal location to begin producing therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Mona, Utah: In 1995, Gary obtained an additional 138 acres of farmland in Mona, Utah. Today, this farm boasts approximately 1,600 acres and showcases vibrant lavender fields during the months of June and July. German chamomile, hyssop, goldenrod, and clary sage are also distilled on the farm, which houses the largest essential oil distillery in North America.

Simiane-la-Rotonde, France: Well-known for its rolling hills, fresh-grown crops, and fragrant fields of lavender, the Provence area of France is home to Young Living's third farm, the only American-owned lavender farm in the country. The scent of lavender yields its calming, uplifting effects on the village and people of the area.

Guayaquil, Ecuador: Since 2005, Gary and his family have lived in Ecuador. Here Gary oversees the cultivation of rare oils at Young Living's newest farm, Finca Botanica Aromatica. Gary spends much of his time searching for new natural plant remedies, partnering with indigenous tribes and local governments to foster a global community of healing and discovery and bring new essential oils to the world.

Guayaquil Equador

Young Living applies what it learns through cultivating plants on its own farms with its network of worldwide growing partners. Every farm that supplies Young Living with herbs ready for distilling must be visited and certified by a Young Living sourcing expert. These sourcing specialists continually travel the globe to ensure that only the finest essential oils bear the Young Living name.

Whether growing aromatic plants on its own farms or sourcing oils in the jungles of Ecuador and the deserts of Oman, the Cultivate portion of the Seed to Seal process is evidence of the lengths Young Living goes to produce the world's highest-quality essential oils.

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