Elizabeth_Flores Six years ago, while working as the director of a women’s crisis center, Elizabeth Flores suffered from a sinus infection. “I have had recurring sinus infections since childhood,” she said. “Because I had studied alternative and natural remedies for over 20 years, I did not want to use antibiotics.” However, Elizabeth was working 10 to 11 hour days and needed to resolve her sinus problem quickly. She took the antibiotics and found they did not help her.

A friend recommended that she contact Dr. Terry Friedmann. “He suggested I use two of Young Living’s essential oils for my very serious sinus infection,” said Elizabeth. “My first thought was, ‘This is ridiculous.’ But I was desperate and decided to try them. Two days later, I was symptom free. I was impressed … to put it mildly.”

Elizabeth attended a Young Living opportunity meeting. She said, “When I heard the whole story about the commitment to quality and purity, the healing power of essential oils, the testimonies and the incredible business opportunity – I got so excited I started calling people during breaks. I couldn’t even wait for the meeting to end.”

Elizabeth has accomplished a great deal during her six years (2003) with Young Living. However, even with her tremendous success, she refuses to take credit for her accomplishments. She said, “No one succeeds alone. I am very grateful to God. I have worked hard, but many people work hard. God has blessed me. I am very grateful to my upline, especially my brother-in-law, Stephen Cornwell, who introduced me to network marketing. His integrity and deep desire to see others prosper gave me my very positive view of this business. He invested his time, his money, and his experience in me when all I had was desire. I am also extremely grateful to Frank Burns for all his hard work and creativity and to all the incredible leaders in my downline, most of whom have done what they have done with little or no help from me. I am so thankful to all the members of the SunTeam. My sisters, my husband, dear friends, and the wonderful people who have worked in the SunTeam office over the years have made my success possible.”

Elizabeth does not believe there is a specific formula for success. She said, “There is no such thing as guaranteed success as in ‘Do this and you will be successful.’ However, I believe there are certain principles, motivations, and talents that make success more likely. Talent is a factor, but principles and motivation are far more crucial to achievement.”

The first principle Elizabeth espouses is honoring God with your wealth (no matter how much wealth you have). “He is our provider,” said Elizabeth. The second principle is passion for what you are doing. “You have to believe you are acting with the highest integrity and for the benefit of others when you market Young Living products. These products are truly pure and powerfully beneficial. It is a good feeling to be able to earn a living by helping people improve their health.”

Elizabeth added, “It is also fulfilling to help people financially by introducing them to the Young Living business opportunity. To do this effectively, you must have a positive opinion of network marketing. If you have any residual negative feelings or thoughts about the industry, it is time to get over it. Network marketing is as legitimate as any other form of marketing and it offers the best vehicle I know of for attaining the ‘American Dream’ of owning your own business and achieving financial independence.”

Elizabeth believes that motivation is the key to achieving anything. “A burning desire is the strongest motivator,” she said. “You have to be ‘hungry’ to see things change in your own life, in the lives of your family, and in the world. You have to be hungry enough to take action, work hard, work smart, and then persevere. It takes a burning desire to live a bigger life and to live for something bigger than ourselves.”

Explaining the core of her beliefs, Elizabeth said, “I am a Christian and that defines everything in my life. I believe that giving back to the source-back to God-is an important principle. It is important to support those who are doing His work, to give to people in need, and to offer others a hand-up. It makes you work harder because it gives you something bigger than yourself to work for. I often hear, ‘I don’t want to make money, I just want to help people,’ from Young Living distributors. That is a very surprising statement to me. Money helps people. The more you make, the more you can help. When people are starving, in need of shelter, are hurting and need refuge, money may not be all that is needed, but very often, it helps! I find it difficult to understand why someone would think that you can either make money or help people.”

Elizabeth believes strongly in teamwork. She said, “Once there is burning desire, I think the best chance most distributors have for success is to work in teams (or at least as a couple). Find a team or teammate and combine your resources, talents and motivation. Very few people are motivated, talented and creative enough to be successful on their own. Most of us need to combine our strengths and skills with the strengths and skills of others.”

Her advice to Young Living distributors is to think creatively. She said, “Think of people who have influence with others. Talk to people who are involved in network marketing, who teach classes, write newsletters, or are well networked. My brother-in-law introduced me to Frank Burns and to the editor of a health newsletter. This was my start. Invest money in your business. Use the Internet, do shows, place ads, and give your motivated distributors what they need to get started. Look around you and take action. Lead. Get input, but do not depend on someone else for ideas or to tell you what to do.”

Elizabeth also believes that once you build your organization you need to sustain it so that it will remain healthy. “Be a good role model. Show your downline that success is only achievable with focus. Do not get distracted with other opportunities. If you become dissatisfied, always take it to corporate or to your upline, never to your downline! Invest in your downline. The way we invest in our downline is to operate a resource center called the SunTeam. If anyone calls during office hours, they are going to get someone who is able to answer questions. Being available to your downline is important! The SunTeam also buys resource materials in large quantities and makes them available to our downline at a low cost. The SunTeam is not a profit center. Our purpose is to support our group with affordable resource materials.”

Giving her final words of advice, Elizabeth said, “Unless we are living for something bigger than ourselves, we are not really alive. More money will not make us alive. Our deepest desires are born out of our vision of what we were born to do, what we want for our families, and the role we want to play in seeing the world around us change. The strength and the source of that vision along with perseverance and God’s blessing are the keys to building a successful Young Living business-and the keys to many other kinds of success .”

Elizabeth’s Keys to Success

1. Honor God with your wealth/Give money back

2. Have a vision and a burning desire

3. Work as a team

4. Be creative, act on and invest in your business ideas

5. Be available to and invest in your downline

6. Focus, be positive and persevere!

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043