Name: John Maeder
Career Background: Stock Market Floor Trader
How Long With Young Living: Since 1999
Why Young Living: Immediate attraction to the oils
Success Formula: Relationship building

John_Maeder As a stock market floor trader, John found himself dealing with more than just stocks and bonds-he was also dealing with the chaos and pressure that come with the job. As a result of the high stress, he had developed some bad health habits. Noticing John’s unhealthy habit of smoking, a close friend who was an acupuncturist introduced him to essential oils. John stated, “My friend told me to try clove oil to help me stop smoking. I tried it and it worked. I became so excited about essential oils, I started searching for more information.”

While attending a health fair at a local hotel, John came upon a Young Living booth staffed by two Young Living Gold’s-Jeffrey Lewis and Gailann Greene, and a Young Living Premier-Melody Myers. John related, ”At the health fair, I saw a booth by Young Living Essential Oils. As I walked up to the booth Jeffrey asked if he could place some oils on me. I agreed and Jeffrey used the essential oil blends of Valor®, Harmony, White Angelica and Joy.” John was amazed at the energy he experienced after Jeffrey applied the essential oils. John said, “I immediately felt a rush of energy.”

For the next couple of hours John marveled as he enjoyed what he described as a keener state of awareness. John explained, “I hope that I do not sound strange, but I experienced an amazing feeling of unity with everything around me.” He went on to say, “I am not the kind of person that typically has these types of experiences. In college I was pre-med and majored in biology, so I tend to think very scientifically, but I had a very emotional and spiritual experience with Young Living essential oils nonetheless.” John was so impressed by his experience that he knew he had to join Young Living.

Shortly after becoming a Young Living distributor, John had the extraordinary opportunity to meet Gary Young. John said, “While attending a Young Living business presentation, I met Gary. I was pleased to find him so friendly and warm. I told Gary I could see that he had a commitment to integrity and quality, and that I was in perfect alignment with his vision.”

Now that he has considerable experience as a Young Living distributor, John enjoys helping new distributors. He tells them that being associated with Young Living is the best opportunity they will ever have to empower themselves. He said, “Young Living provides an opportunity to take control of your life and enjoy an environment of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.” John teaches that in network marketing anyone can be successful, regardless of his or her background.

Expressing his thoughts on success, John said, “My Young Living success comes from thinking outside the box and by establishing relationships. My partner in life, Marilee Tolan, is key to my accomplishments at Young Living.” John has found that working together with partners allows the entire team to utilize the strengths of each member. He said, “Marilee and I work closely with Jeffrey and Gailann. As a team, we support each other and find that our personal strengths compliment the other members of the team.”

John firmly believes that Young Living is perfectly poised for rapid growth. He enthusiastically expressed, “There is no better time to be in Young Living than right now. Public awareness and acceptance has never been higher for essential oils. Network marketing, as a business, is the best way to accomplish whatever a person desires in life and is the best route to success. With Young Living you can do anything.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043