Name: Jessica Opfer
Career Background: Personal trainer
How Long With Young Living: Since 1994
Why Young Living: Superior products
Success Formula: A supportive team

Jessica_Opfer When she was only fourteen years old, Jessica Opfer was introduced to Young Living. Jessica stated, “My mother (Vicki Opfer, a Young Living Diamond) and I got each other started with Young Living. We attended a gourmet cooking class taught by Patty Rawls, her sister Lori, and Mary Lou Bauer, who also shared the oils with us. We had recently lost my grandfather and were feeling down, so I used some Joy.” Jessica immediately recognized the power of essential oils. She said, “We did not have much money, but I begged Mom for an Essential 7 Kit. Mom said I could have either a pair of jeans or an Essential 7 Kit. I chose the Essential 7 Kit.”

At that time, Jessica’s mother Vicki was very involved with herbs and natural healing. Discovering essential oils was just a natural step for Vicki. However, Jessica was going in a different direction. She said, “My career path was art. I was headed to Mattei to work in toy design. I was accepted to a school in Los Angeles for toy design. I had a scholarship, but I found out that it was not enough to pay my tuition. I decided to stay in Colorado and attend Red Rocks Community College, and became very involved with fitness and training. I also became more intrigued with Young Living and started to learn about nutrition and essential oils. I started to make positive health changes and became a personal fitness trainer.”

Working as a personal trainer has given Jessica the opportunity to interact with some of the top trainers in the nation. Jessica said, “I have studied with many of the great trainers and bodybuilders, including Corey Everson, Charles Poliquin, and Carla Sanchez. I also participated on a fitness team featured in Muscle and Fitness magazine.” With her education in fitness and bodybuilding, Jessica has found essential oils to be very beneficial. She said, “The oils are so helpful for bodybuilding and fitness, and for rehab and discomfort.” Jessica continued, “I have found that proper fitness is impossible without proper nutrition. I totally agree with Gary Young and his Fitness for Longevity program. Combining strength training, cardio, and nutrition help people excel in all aspects of their lives.”

Building a successful business with Young Living has been very rewarding for Jessica. She emphasized, “I am grateful to have had the opportunity to help so many people, with the oils, supplements, and other products. Looking back, I am glad I did not go the toy design route because I so enjoy the direction my life has taken.” Jessica expressed the joy it brings her to work closely with her mother. She related, “Mom and I are an amazing team. We work so well together. More than anything, I believe that having a supportive team is the key to my success.” Jessica explained that working together with other people who share the same goals and ambitions is essential for success.

“My advice to new distributors is to get over the fear of talking with people about the oils,” said Jessica. She explained that at first she always felt like she was imposing. Then she realized that telling people about essential oils was not so much about trying to sell as it was about sharing. Jessica added, “When I realized that all I had to do was share these wonderful essential oils that would bless their lives, it became much easier for me. I do not hesitate to tell someone about a great fitness training program because I know it will help them. When I realized the same was true for the oils, I lost my fear.”

Her additional advice to new distributors is to be persistent. “I tell them to never give up, never quit,” said Jessica. She encourages new distributors to keep pressing forward and always seek more knowledge. “There are so many opportunities to learn with Young Living. We have so many books, tapes, and wonderful trainings. These opportunities to expand our knowledge are all so very important to new and seasoned distributors alike.” Jessica is confident that there are many ways to successfully build a business, but the key is helping people experience the oils for themselves. “When in doubt – get the oils out,” said Jessica. She added, “Experiences are so much more powerful than words.”

Jessica believes that at Young Living, as well as in life, there are endless possibilities. She said, “I am finishing the last year of my Exercise Science degree at Metro State College in Denver, and I would like to work with children. Obesity is already such an epidemic in our youth, and I would like to make a difference in that area of our society. For now, I am focused on helping people of all ages become healthy. Through physical training or teaching people about Young Living products, my goal is the same-changing lives for the better.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043