Life occurs moment by moment, and often those moments occur in our homes. We spend about 65 percent of our time inside our homes. 1 We sleep, eat, play, and celebrate life’s special occasions in our homes. Because of this strong connection to home, we are eager to find new ways to make our homes pleasant and inviting living spaces.

Recognizing the common desire to improve the mood and character of one’s home, Monica Goldberg, owner of Radiant Rooms, has built a business teaching others how to use aromatherapy to improve the character of a home, to make the home a healthier place to live, and to help them sell their home when they need to relocate.

Monica’s company, Radiant Rooms, is an interior arranging company specializing in one-day makeovers, real estate staging, and aromatherapy. ”I’m passionate about helping busy people transform their homes into a healthier and more beautiful space,” Monica says. She explains that people can enjoy immediate results when they integrate essential oils in their homes. “Young Living’s therapeutic-grade essential oils can be used in the home to benefit everyone, including the family pet.”

Diffusing Young Living’s essential oils is one way to add cheer and refreshment to any home because smell is evocative and influences emotions. “The first thing I advise people to do is to purchase a Young Living diffuser. This is because aromatherapy works in two ways: first, the aromas can be uplifting and invigorating to the mind and spirit, and second, the essential oils purify the air and neutralize odors.” Peace & Calming® oil blend helps create a relaxing environment and encourages emotional well-being. Lemon essential oil is invigorating and uplifting. Thieves® or Purification® oil blends will help cleanse and freshen the air.

Whether your home is old, new, or recently remodeled, the quality of air inside the home may be affecting your health. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, “The air within homes and other buildings can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor air in even the largest and most industrialized cities.”2 Monica explains, “The pollution in our homes comes from the outgassing of petrochemicals used in the manufacturing of wall paneling, upholstery, paint, flooring, furniture, cabinetry, clothing, household cleaning products, disinfectants, personal care products, and central heating and cooling systems. These products are loaded with synthetic chemicals, and it’s the repeated exposure day in and day out that can make you sick. I help people realize that they can create a home environment that doesn’t make them sick and helps them achieve vitality. That’s the great news about Young Living’s essential oils-they play a role in physical and emotional well-being.” Saturating your home environment by cleaning and diffusing with essential oils are practical ways to breathe in the oils, reduce toxins, and improve air quality.

“If you have a counter top, floor tile, paint on the wall, or drapes, you are living in a chemical environment. The best way to protect your home environment is by having at least two or three diffusers in your home.” D. Gary Young

Monica suggests using Young Living’s essential oils in the following ways:

Sparkling Clean

+ To give your home that sparkling clean look and to improve the air quality and reduce the toxins around your home, use Thieves Household Cleaner on all surfaces, from ceiling fans to floors.

On the Market

+ To help you sell your home fast by increasing the positive energy in your home, diffuse Young Living’s Abundance™ essential oil blend. This blend includes orange, cinnamon bark,spruce, and other essential oils that will enhance energy in the home.

Home Improvement

+ To help you in your remodeling projects by removing the smell of varnish, paint, or chemicals, diffuse Young Living’s Purification® essential oil blend or add 1 teaspoon to a gallon of paint. To prevent and kill mold in ductwork and throughout the home, diffuse Young Living’s Thieves essential oil blend.

Monica’s clients have been “wowed” by the effects the essential oils have had in their homes. Jan Thiel, a fifteen-year real-estate veteran, called upon Monica’s real estate staging expertise for selling a condominium that sat on the market for six months. After Monica’s aromatherapy touch, diffusing Abundance and Gathering™ essential oil blends, the condo sold in eight days. Pat Payas, the owner of the condo, says, “I received an offer for more than I ever thought I would get for my condo.” Jan says, “I can’t quite put a finger on it, but with using aromatherapy, right then and there, you have something special without much effort.”

Passionate about bringing joy and peace into people’s homes, Monica continues to study, learn, and experiment with Young Living’s essential oils to create healthier, happier homes. “Young Living’s therapeutic-grade essential oils are nature’s perfect solution,” Monica shares. “By using Young Living’s essential oils in the home, you can clean, energize, and refresh your living environment with just a little bit of effort.”

For more information about Radiant Rooms or to schedule a consultation via e-mail, telephone, or in person, please contact Monica Goldberg at 1-608-4449517 or visit

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