At twenty-four, Romy Seleznov was a typical woman. Like a majority of women, she did not appreciate her body. She had been fighting the common ailments women suffer from for several years, such as extra weight, menstrual side effects, and hormonal imbalances. Exercise throughout high school and college had made minimal impacts on her overall physical fitness, and sporadic dieting accomplished even less.

For many years, Romy was a vegetarian, yet she was far from a healthy eater. She admits, “There is a way to eat healthfully as a vegetarian, but I didn’t do it. I joke that I was a ‘bread-a-tarian.’ I kept complaining that I didn’t know why I couldn’t lose weight. Truthfully though, I think I always knew somewhere in the back of my mind that it was because I wasn’t eating properly.” After living this lifestyle for several years, Romy decided to make a change in her life. By fitting a personal trainer into her busy schedule of teaching school and coaching various sports, Romy became involved in a cardiovascular exercise program and began to understand a new, healthier way of eating, which included fewer processed foods and smaller portions.

A few months after beginning her fitness regime, Romy dropped her body fat percentage and weight dramatically, and even noticed some muscle definition. With newfound enthusiasm, Romy added weight training to her workout routine and began preparing for something she never thought possible-a fitness competition. With the help of an experienced body builder, Romy continued transforming her body through diet and exercise and won her first competition.

It was a few fitness competitions later when Romy’s body began reacting against the severe dieting. “My thyroid just gave up. I lost too much weight too fast for the third show. I put my body through too hard of dieting. I think I never really had a good thyroid. I always had low body temperature and some of the other symptoms, including depression. So for two years, I tried everything natural because doctors wouldn’t help. I’d show them the body temperature tests that proved my thyroid was off but still couldn’t get a doctor to help me. Now I know that was a blessing because if a doctor would have given me medication, I probably would have taken it.”

During her search for a cure, Romy was at a health expo where she met Susan Hall, a Young Living distributor. They discussed using essential oils to help with allergies. Since childhood, Romy had been on allergy medication. Only a short while later, Romy had her first experience with the oils as they relieved her allergies. “For the first time since I was thirteen, I didn’t have allergies. I was twenty-eight at the time. I became a big believer.”

Romy also listened to a Young Living tape that had a testimonial about a woman who had been using a synthetic medication, until she found Young Living’s Thyromin™. “I had tried herbs and all kinds of thyroid supporting diets. I tried everything that’s natural, and nothing worked. I thought, I’ll give this a try. In four months, I had my body back. I had my life back. The depression was gone. No more muscle fatigue. Many of the problems I had were gone. No matter what happens to me financially, I will always have my Thyromin, Prenolone®, Progessence™ and EndoFlex™. Those are my special ones.”

Romy has since found numerous ways to live and heal naturally with the help of Young Living. She uses lavender for deodorant; Purification™ for bug bites; wintergreen, lemongrass, and Aroma Siez™ in organic almond oil for muscle aches and back pains; oregano, Thieves®, and frankincense in gel caps for sickness.

Romy’s life evolved as she successfully competed in several fitness competitions during the course of the following few years and then began working as a physical fitness and nutrition trainer. She even coached high school cross-country racing, running many miles a week with the team. Her Young Living business also began taking shape after Romy wrote and published a personal health book, Be Lean: How to get the body you love and love the body you have, which draws from and discusses her life experiences, her growing knowledge of physical and mental well-being, proper eating habits, and natural healing using Young Living’s products. Using the book as a business-building tool and letting her downline use it as well, Romy has signed up more people in just a few months than she has in the years past. “The reason I wrote the book is really to get the word out and build my downline more. Other distributors can use it for the same purpose. The book has been powerful for other people in terms of, ‘I can do this too, and I can do it naturally,'” she says.

Currently, Romy operates her own corporate wellness consulting business, Essential Fitness, Inc., which includes some personal training and mostly her “Be Lean” program that teaches people how to rewire their relationship with food in order to lose and keep off fat. She really enjoys visiting companies who have hired her to teach their employees how to live healthier lifestyles as she helps with nutrition, fitness, and stress reduction. Her programs are aimed at creating a lifestyle change that teaches how to improve step by step, rather than just being on a diet.

Since beginning the journey, Romy has had an amazing spiritual and health evolution. To her, natural health care is a lifestyle, not only a healing process. With Young Living, she has been able to reach many of her goals. “There are lots of ways abundance has been drawn into my life from the oils. Spirituality is a big one. People have been drawn into my life so I now have emotional abundance. Living this lifestyle, I totally know that everything we need is on the earth, and if I ever have an issue health-wise, I turn to the oils.”

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 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043