Name: Dorothy Nonman
Career Background: Accountant
How Long With Young Living: Since 1995
Why Young Living: The first time I smelled essential oils I knew they were special
Success Formula: Finding and then working with great people

Dorothy_Nonman Mary Hardy, a Young Living Gold, introduced Dorothy Nonman to Young Living. She recalled, “My good friend Mary Hardy was lecturing at Julia Ferguson’s house (a YL Silver) in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and invited me to attend. While we were there, Julia mentioned that Gary Young was in town lecturing. She asked if Mary Hardy and I would like to go.”

Dorothy found this invitation very interesting. She said, “I believe that I was guided to Young Living. Before we left on the trip to Albuquerque, I felt a prompting to reconsider essential oils. I decided that if I met anyone with information on essential oils, I would listen. As I considered this inspiration, I was very open and accepting when Julia asked me if I would like to attend a lecture on essential oils by Gary Young.”

It is interesting to note that this was not the first opportunity Dorothy had to examine essential oils. She remembered, “On this particular trip there were two other visits that had brought up essential oils. I listened, but I was not attracted to them.” Dorothy said that even though she had felt inspired to take another look at essential oils, she simply was not attracted to the oils she saw. She added, “But when I listened to Gary speak and then tried the Young Living essential oils, it was completely different from the other essential oils.”

Dorothy discovered that she had never experienced true “therapeutic-grade” essential oils until she tried Young Living essential oils. She said, “The first time I smelled the Young Living essential oils I felt a wonderful sensation. I knew immediately that the oils were alive. I also understood that I would choose to be involved with these special Young Living essential oils.”

When she got home, Dorothy told her husband about her experience with the essential oils. He was very receptive and encouraged her decision to become involved with Young Living. Dorothy stated, “My husband was so supportive that we bought the entire Aroma Complete kit. We were on a tight budget, but we both realized how important the essential oils were to us, so we decided to get them all.” This was a real turning point for Dorothy. She affirmed, “From then on, I worked with people and shared the oils.”

Speaking about what started her interest in alternative health, Dorothy declared, “I became interested in alternative health because of my son. When he was about three months old, he had vaccinations that changed his personality completely. After the first shot, he had a very bad reaction. He screamed so hard, I knew he had been deeply hurt. He was my fourth child, so I had experience with children and shots. This time it was different. I could tell by his crying that something had seriously harmed him. I got involved in health to help him.”

Dorothy gives credit to her Young Living team for her success. She acknowledged, “My Young Living success formula is Mary Hardy. She is wonderful and very helpful. Mary knew so many people, and was recognized for writing several books, so she gave me a great boost. My business took off and expanded largely due to Mary’s efforts.” Speaking about her personal business building skills, Dorothy admitted, “I am very tenacious. I never give up. The key is getting a great team together and then sticking with it.”

“I have really grown since I started with Young Living,” Dorothy insisted. “The Young Living products have blessed my life in so many ways. My health is so much better now than it used to be. I feel like I am a regular person now.”
Speaking about her family and background Dorothy said, “I am a mother of four with two grandchildren. My entire family uses the oils. Growing up I was one out of ten children. I started running my father’s grocery store when I was twelve and continued until I graduated from high school. I also did the ironing for ten, so I knew how to work hard. And thanks to Young Living, now I am learning how to play.”

Dorothy said, “I feel very blessed and very grateful for all the people who support me in this endeavor. I would not be where I am without their support and love. I am so grateful and happy to be a part of Young Living and for the opportunity of promoting Gary Young’s worldwide dream of helping people enjoy healthy living. My personal life’s mission is, ‘Young Living, health, longevity and prosperity for all!'”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043