Gailann_Greene Gailann Greene, a Young Living Gold, came to Young Living with an extensive background in alternative health. She said, “I’ve been associated with the natural healing field since 1970. I studied herbs, homeopathy, a type of self-massage called Do-In, and Shiatsu, an oriental style of acupressure.”

Her interests in alternative health led her to Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing), and she became a Touch For Health instructor. Using her training and education, Gailann taught lay people how to properly balance muscles and meridians for many years. She said, “I went on to study massage therapy in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and upon graduating, I helped open a new massage school by teaching Touch For Health. I worked with patients in a chiropractic office for 10 years doing Kinesiology, gentle muscle release and energy work as well as having a private healing practice. In my lifetime I have been blessed to study many aspects of the healing arts with many outstanding professionals.”

After completing her studies and healing work in Santa Fe, Gailann returned to New Jersey to share what she had learned by lecturing and teaching classes. Her students were instructed on Flower Remedies, healing with crystals and sound, and Touch For Health.

It was early in 1997 that Gailann was introduced to Young Living. She relates, “I had the privilege of being invited to a healing session with Milo Beaver and Beth Hedstrom. During that session, they offered to use Young Living essential oils with me. At first, I declined. I told them that my past experiences with essential oils had made me feel ill from smelling them. I was gently assured that these oils were different from anything I had ever smelled. They told me that Young Living essential oils were the highest quality therapeutic-grade, and that they were pure with no additives.”

Somewhat reluctantly, Gailann agreed to try the Young Living essential oils. She said, “When I finally agreed to try them, I was very impressed with how quickly the oils worked to transform the way I was feeling. Almost immediately, I felt better emotionally. I even felt a sensation of being lighter and realized that these were a completely different caliber of essential oil from those I had been exposed to previously.” Gailann said that she wanted to know more about Young Living. She said, “I was attracted to Young Living because of the high quality of the essential oils and how they instantly improved the way I was feeling, physically and emotionally. I was amazed how uplifted I felt, just from smelling the oils!”

Gailann joined Young Living and began to share her enthusiasm for Young Living products with her friends. She said, “As I began learning from my mentor and upline, Vicki Opfer, I began to have gatherings in my home to tell stories and share the oils. I only shared Young Living essential oils to help others and had no thought of building this into a business.” However, Gailann’s enthusiasm and excitement ignited and inspired many people who, in turn, began purchasing oils and then also started sharing them themselves.

After a year and a half, Gailann attended her first Young Living convention. She said, “Attending the convention was the experience which turned the tide for me. It was so exciting to meet Gary and Mary Young and learn firsthand of Gary’s vision to help heal everyone all over the world. Learning from the other presenters at the convention was an added bonus. Being in a convention hall with so many people who shared my interest in helping others was awe-inspiring!”

Gailann’s growing passion was boosted when she had the opportunity to visit the Young Living farm in Mona, Utah. She said, “I’ll never forget my first visit to the farm in Mona. We watched as the farm workers poured their love into planting, caring for, harvesting and distilling the plants into precious Young Living essential oils. While there, we tasted peppermint floral water fresh out of the distiller, which cooled us down immediately after our walk through the steamy distillation process area.”

Gailann went on to visit the Young Living corporate offices. She said, “That day at the farm and at the corporate offices impressed me beyond words. I witnessed everything from seed to harvest to distiller to my door, and all the love and hard work that it takes to make one drop of oil!”

Attending the Young Living convention, going to the farm and visiting the corporate offices were life-changing experiences for Gailann. She said, “Those experiences jump-started me and propelled me to wanting even more to share Young Living with others. When I returned to New Jersey, I joined forces with one of my leaders, Jeffrey Lewis, and we began to hold monthly meetings in a local hotel. These meetings offered distributors a place to have fellowship with like-minded people. It is also an avenue to bring others to learn more about Young Living products and the business.”

Gailann’s experience in building a very successful Young Living business has given her some fascinating insights. “Along with the leaders in my organization, I have found that having a booth at health fairs or expos is a great way to share Young Living and to sign people up,” she says. “These events are so much fun because you get to talk with so many people and turn them on to the oils!”

Gailann had another wonderful experience that furthered. her love and commitment to Young Living. She said, “In 1999, I went to Egypt with Gary and Mary Young and, once again, I was taken to a new level of appreciation for essential oils. Seeing the ancient history of the uses of essential oils, which is written in stone on the walls of the sacred temples, was extremely powerful. I saw clear evidence in the hieroglyphics that essential oils were used by the pharaohs, queens, priests and priestesses to support healing and transformation on all levels. It was breathtaking to see that the use of plants as medicine goes back to ancient times, and that they played a pivotal role in ceremonies, healing and initiations. Many of the beautiful reliefs that were carved into the massive walls of the temples showed oils being offered in alabaster jars.” Gailann continued, “Other reliefs• depicted the oils being given by the gods to protect and entitle the kings to authority, wisdom and strength, and “to vest the priests and priestesses with divine powers to heal. Learning from Gary during the whole trip was an added bonus. I encourage everyone to go on a trip with Gary Young at some time. If you do, I guarantee that you will be lifted to a completely new level of understanding, commitment and enthusiasm for Young Living!”

Expressing her overall feeling about the changes that have come into her life, Gailann said, “All in all, Young Living has helped me to positively transform my life physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually. I continue to become healthier, my finances have improved beyond my wildest imaginings, and best of all, I have the most loving, caring and profoundly special people in my organization that I get to play with all the time! Thank you, Gary and Mary Young, and thank you, Young Living!”

Gailann’s Success Formula:

1. Use and continue to learn about all of the Young Living products

2. Share Young Living with everyone you know and meet

3. Find a way to share that is comfortable and natural for you

4. Be generous and consistent with your outpouring of love for everyone

5. Define your goals and focus your intention

6. Creat fun and nurturing ways to support those in your organization

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043