Carol Howden believes in miracles. She also believes in Young Living essential oils. She knows that the essential oils are a gift to all people and a marvel for her and the people she loves. The oils have brought healing miracles to her life. Her son, Carlin, is a recipient of the miracle of the love of his mother and essential oils.

“When Caleb, our middle son called, he said that Carlin’s prognosis was grim,” says Carol. “Our youngest son, Carlin, had fallen nine feet from a wall being built and took the full brunt of the fall on his head and neck. Caleb also told us that the paramedics thought Carlin’s neck was broken and that he probably had brain damage. My immediate thought was, He’s so far away and he needs the oils.

This was not the first time Carlin needed the oils. A few years before, a large wall had fallen on him, pinning him against a steel beam and fracturing his pelvis. Carol arrived at the scene the same time as the ambulance and was unable to apply the oils until they reached the hospital. Until then, Carol centered her thoughts and love on Carlin. Carlin recovered completely and quickly from this incident. “In fact,” says Carol, “Carlin was walking four hours later. If not for the x-rays, no one would have believed that he had experienced fractured bones.”

Little did Carlin know that a wall falling on him would prepare him for this more serious, more life-threatening occurrence. Because of his earlier experience, Carlin knew that his mother would come again, as she did before. That is why he refused the medications offered to him at the hospital.

”As we flew from Calgary, Alberta to Victoria, British Columbia, I continued to center my love and thoughts on him. I started planning which oils I would use to help him.”

Being a Young Living distributor for five years, Carol has immersed herself in learning from trainings and books. She also relies on her intuition. “When I first became a Young Living distributor, I bought $500 worth of essential oils and started applying them to my body I also started taking some of them internally. I relied a lot on divine direction and my intuition.

I had lived in poor health most of my life. When I found Young Living, I had horrible digestive problems; I was in constant pain. I was bleeding from my colon, and my bowels had not worked naturally for thirteen years. I was at the end of my rope; I no longer wanted to live. A close and trusted friend introduced me to the oils. He knew that in my state of mind I would not believe in the oils. I had tried so many things. My friend told me that he was interested in using essential oils but wanted me to test them to see if they really worked. ‘If you experience relief,’ he told me, ‘I will try them.’

As a favor to this friend, I tried Young Living essential oils. I was amazed when my pain started to subside. It also surprised me when my friend told me that he had already been a user of the oils. He had tricked me! He knew that if he merely told me how good they were, I would not believe him.

I discovered for myself the amazing relief that the oils brought. This really motivated me to help others. I found a new purpose for my life.”

Carol’s selfless love and desire to help others would prepare her for this critical time of helping Carlin. “When we arrived at the airport in Victoria, Caleb greeted us with good news. The doctors had determined that Carlin’s neck was not broken, nor was he brain damaged. Because he refused the hospital’s medication, they sent him home. My husband and I breathed a sigh of relief. We relaxed. While the good news brought us comfort, it totally took us off guard at the sight we were about to encounter.

When I entered Carlin’s bedroom, I was stunned. He was lying in bed. His head was misaligned; it appeared to be off of the spinal column. His entire face looked as if it had been shoved to one side. There was blood coming from his eyes, ears, and nose. Everything was swollen. He could barely open his eyes and was unable to speak. Swallowing was very difficult, his vision was blurry, and his breathing was shallow and labored. His left wrist was in a cast due to banging it against something on his way down.

Pulling me from my initial shock was a surge of gratitude to God for setting the course of events that allowed Carlin to be at home where he could receive the best help in this situation. Without hesitation, I pulled out my oils and immediately went to work.”

Other friends and family members did not have the confidence that Carol possessed. They wanted her to insist that he go back to the hospital. But with the loving dedication of a caring mother, she stood firm, respecting her son’s wishes. She applied the oils liberally to Carlin’s beat-up body
“I poured frankincense and balsam fir (Idaho) all over his head, neck, and shoulders in the areas I could reach without moving him. I was afraid to move him. Next, I doused the same areas with Clarity™ and Brain Power™. Then, again in the same areas, I applied generous amounts of helichrysum. Finally, I soaked him with Valor®-again on his head, neck, and shoulders. Other oils that I later used to help Carlin were Harmony™, cistus, Relieve It™, cypress, basil, marjoram, wintergreen, and Joy™.”

In the process of applying the oils, Carol was relieved to learn that the blood that she had seen earlier was actually from external scrapes and cuts, and not internal bleeding. After applying the oils to the body parts she could reach without moving him, she started dousing oils on his feet at key Vita Flex points.

“I used Valor first, then frankincense, balsam fir (Idaho), Aroma Siez™ and lemongrass, layering the oils and firmly massaging them into the Vita Flex points on his feet that corresponded to the areas of injury. The results were fascinating. I worked an oil into a Vita Flex point. Carlin would mumble something. I would move closer to his mouth, and he would tell me where he felt better. He would feel relief in the area where I had worked an essential oil into the Vita Flex point that corresponded with the injured area in his head and neck. He told me later that he could actually feel huge releases of tension in his ears, eyes, jaw, head, neck, and shoulders as I continued triggering Vita Flex points on his feet. I could see Carlin’s face relaxing as I worked on him. I repeated my entire program of applying oils to his head, neck, and shoulders, and working them into Vita Flex points about every half hour during that first night.”

In addition to the oils, Carol used Young Living’s Animal Scents™ Ointment on Carlin’s cuts and abrasions. He also took a heaping teaspoon of Sulfurzyme™ in water and a capsule of frankincense and balsam fir (Idaho) three times during the night and three times a day for the first five days following his accident. Then he decreased the dose to one capsule two times per day. Carlin was also given two ounces of Berry Young Juice and as much water as he could drink.

“Thursday was my first night working with Carlin. About forty-eight hours after the fall, Carlin vomited blood. His healing seemed to escalate from that point on. On the following Sunday, he was still not able to support his head and needed assistance to sit up and lay down. With help, he was able to walk.

On Monday, he went to his work site for a couple of hours and chatted with employees. He rested most of Tuesday. By Wednesday, the entire side of his face was abrasion free-all the scabbing was gone with only a slight pinkish color left where they had been.

“No bruising ever occurred,” states Carol. “This was amazing to me. Because of the severity of the impact, his eyes were very bloodshot. The left eye had blood spots in more than half of his eye. The corners of both sides of his eyes had a reddish purple color that extended about a half of an inch from each eye. All of this seemed to vanish in the first two days.

On the following Thursday, Carlin surprised us all by going into work. After a full day, Carlin came home and I performed a complete Raindrop Technique® treatment on him. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were spent with the family and completing various light duties.

I continued the oil routine every day, several times per day, and at least once at night. Sunday afternoon, I gave Carlin another complete Raindrop treatment. Sunday night, ten days after his injury, Carlin slept throughout the night, free of discomfort in his head or neck. Monday, he worked a complete day. On Tuesday afternoon, Carlin said that he felt that he was back to normal.”

Not only did Carlin feel normal, he looked normal. According to Carol, his head had moved back to its correct position. The features of his face were once again in their correct place. There was no swelling or bruising and absolutely no pain. His behavior was normal, free of any of the negative side effects and personality changes associated with people with head traumas. In every sense of the word, Carlin was back to normal-all in the remarkably short time of twelve days. Once again, his quick and complete recovery was miraculous.

“Carlin knew I would come. He knew I would help him again with the essential oils. Carlin is a big believer in the oils and uses them often. I use them every day.”

As miraculous as this story is, Carol has experienced other amazing benefits while using the essential oils, including how she saved her husband’s feet from amputation. But that’s another story.

While Carol enjoys the added income from her Young Living business, her greatest passion is helping others with the oils. “I know,” reports Carol, “that the more I build my business, the more means I will have to help others. What I’m really looking for is that gung-ho, business-building distributor to put in my downline. Then I could put all of my passion into learning and helping others.”

When not traveling with her husband, Ben, Carol teaches classes for the Center of Aromatherapy Research and Education (CARE), founded by David Stewart, another Young Living distributor and the author of the informative book The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple. She rents a conference room at local hotels and gives personal trainings on the Young Living Raindrop Technique. Last year, Carol taught two classes per month. This year, because of travel, she does not teach as frequently.

“I love teaching others,” says Carol. ”And even though I am not teaching as regularly as I did last year, I never leave home without my massage table and oils. No matter where I go, I have the opportunity to teach others about the amazing benefits of the essential oils.

I would like all Young Living distributors to know that if you have any health challenges, you will find an answer in the oils. You may also be required to make the necessary changes in lifestyle, and you may have’ to work on emotional healing too. If you use essential oils and they don’t work, look to the emotions. I believe there is an emotional component to every disease or trauma that a person experiences. Keep using the oils and you will find the answer to your health questions.”

Carol also says there are no accidents in life. Life is directed by purpose, and she lives her life on purpose. She says that she was led to the oils for a purpose. Carol believes that saving Carlin, her husband’s feet, and herself was a purpose for finding the oils. She has also had the opportunity to ease pain and suffering for many others. Because of her strong belief in the oils and her caring heart, there will be many more people that Carol will help.

Carol Howden is an example of the uniqueness of our Young Living distributors. Their stories are all different, yet they share a common belief in the oils-a belief that is the driving force of Young Living. Because of this force and the gifts of the distributors, millions of lives are touched every day by the remarkable powers of Young Living essential oils.

For information on Vita Flex points and application see the Essential Oils Desk Reference, Third Edition, published by Essential Science Publishing.

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043 
Please note: Berry Young Juice has been reformulated and is now NingXia Red (and tastier than ever!)