Name: Paul Morris
Career Background: School Teacher
With Young Living: Since 1997
Why Young Living: It is everything I have searched for
Success Formula: Make a firm commitment and stick to it

Paul_Morris Paul Morris had a successful network marketing company at an early age. He says, “I retired at the age of 25 with a new Cadillac and a farm in the country.” Paul even had a business card that read, “I am retired at age 25. You can be, too.”

Paul went on to become extremely successful with a variety of network marketing companies. With one company he broke a top record by doing a $l million-worth of business in his first month. With another company he designed a telephone-recruiting message that was so powerful he had 50,000 people sign up in a five-month period. Paul then found a company that was exciting and had famous celebrities as spokespeople. “I utilized what I had learned about voice mail technology and did road shows. I got 68,000 people to sign up in six months.” Unfortunately, Paul discovered that the corporate structures of these companies were so weak that they couldn’t handle the tremendous increase in sales he generated.

All the time Paul was building his network marketing empires, he and his wife had a firm belief in natural health. “We trust the Lord completely to bless our lives and believe in using the plants of the earth to stay healthy,” he says.

Because he believed in natural health, a good friend sent him a copy of the Missing Link tape. “The tape sat around for weeks. Then my daughter had a baby. My wife and I were driving to Florida. It was a five-hour trip and I remembered we had the tape. My wife wasn’t very excited about it, so I promised her that if it was boring we would shut if off. She agreed, so we started listening.” Paul and his wife not only didn’t shut the tape off, they listened to it again. “We listened all the way through the tape, and then we listened again. I think we played that tape a total of three times.

“By the time we got home, we realized that everything we knew about nutrition was obsolete. By this time in our lives, we had sold everything you can imagine that was related to health. Absolutely everything.” Paul and his wife knew a lot about alternative health care. “We realized that Young Living essential oils were the epitome of health products, and that nothing else could match their ability to help the body. We were blown away.” Paul and his wife decided immediately to use only Young Living products.

“So we started ordering the products and mailed out some tapes. And our business grew. I am a strong advocate of the Missing Link tape. That is how we built our business.

Paul has had many experiences with the oils. A recent one concerned a friend who was expecting a baby. “It was a high-risk pregnancy and the doctor hinted that she should abort it, but my friend and her husband are Christians and didn’t want to do that. The doctors gave her an 80 percent chance of dying and/or having a deformed baby. My friend went into labor several months early. I gave her husband Lavender. He went through about six bottles, but his wife maintained the pregnancy to full term and gave birth to a healthy baby.”

Paul’s advice is to make a lifelong commitment to Young Living. “Don’t just try it for a short while. You have to become a product of the products. You have to use the oils and nutritional products and then share your experiences with other people. You have to walk the talk.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043