Name: Jeri Bocci
Career Background: Manicurist
With Young Living: Since 1996
Why Young Living: The oils helped save her niece
Success Formula: Start simple

Jeri_Bocci Jeri Bocci discovered Young Living while searching for help for her niece. “My niece had an extremely serious health condition involving her nose. The doctors said there wasn’t anything they could do about it. On the day the doctors told my niece that they wanted to cut off the end of her nose, I received a ‘Missing Link’ tape from Frank Bums, a complete stranger.” Jeri said that she had been involved in network marketing in the past, so it was common for people to send her things. “When I received the tape, I just threw it in the trash next to my computer. Later, as I sat at my computer, I could smell a scent coming from my waste basket. It was wonderful. So I pulled out the bag and smelled it. I listened to the tape because it smelled good. (I found out later that Frank had scented the package with Abundance oil).”

Jeri was so impressed with the tape that she joined Young Living. “I sent for three oils, Lavender, Pan Away and ImmuPower. When they arrived, I immediately applied the oils on my niece. Six weeks later, after using foot reflexology with the oils, my niece’s nose seemed improved. That was seven and a half years ago, and she still has her entire nose.”

Jeri teaches a foot reflexology class every week. “We talk about Valor, Peppermint and Pan Away essential oils. I ask people if they are uncomfortable. Most of the people who come to my class are senior citizens, so they often have some level of discomfort. I have my students rate the way they feel from one to ten before applying the oils. Afterward, I ask them to rate it again. Usually those who start out with high levels drop very low, and frequently they feel completely better.”

She advises new distributors to start simple. “Get an Essential 7 Kit and demonstrate a few of the oils to get other people interested. Don’t give them more information than they can digest at one time. Also, use a variety of sources of literature to help people understand the dangers that exist for our children and grandchildren in the environment and in everyday situations.

“Testimonials always help people see the power of the oils.”

Jeri is a very young 73-year-old. “I receive a Raindrop Technique every week and take Sulfurzyme, AlkaLime and Mineral Essence-and I feel great!

“I love Young Living products and even if I didn’t earn the wonderful money I earn, I would still share the wonders of these products,” she says.

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043