Name: Donna Kern
Career Background: Homemaker
How Long With Young Living: Since 1994
Why Young Living: Once I tried the oils, I was hooked
Success Formula: Develop relationships

Donna_Kern Donna Kern’s good friend, Kathy Farmer (a YL Diamond), introduced her to Young Living ten years ago (1994). Donna said, “Kathy and I were very good friends. She called and told me she had found something she thought I would be interested in. At first, I did not see a reason to get involved with essential oils. Then Kathy mentioned that they could help people with emotional problems.” Donna was very interested in helping people with emotional issues. She said, “I decided to test the oils. Once I tried them, I was hooked.”

Donna had become involved in studying herbs and alternative medicine because her daughter was having serious problems with a pregnancy. She said, “I wanted to help my daughter any way I could. I figured there had to be something outside of traditional medicine that would help strengthen her body.” Donna said, “After we discovered Young Living, we used the oils with my daughter and grandchildren with great success.”

According to Donna, her life really changed when she attended an executive conference in 1995 at Gary and Mary Young’s home. She said, “I cannot tell you how much fun it was to be with Gary and Mary and the other enthusiastic Young Living leaders. This was my first experience hearing Gary and Mary. It was absolutely wonderful and it lit a fire under me to share my new knowledge with the world.”

She also had the fabulous opportunity of traveling to Turkey and attending a university where Gary Young was teaching classes on essential oils. Donna said, “I went to Turkey for two weeks with several Young Living distributors including Kathy Farmer, Rita Anderson and Julie Ferguson, to hear Gary teach. It was so exciting to sit in a university class along with Turkish students and learn from a master teacher. Gary taught in English and then his message was interpreted into Turkish.” After the classes the Young Living group traveled through the area with several students acting as interpreters. They also had a bonus of spending a week in Israel and Egypt with Gary and Mary Young.

“My personal Young Living success formula comes from working with great people and helping others,” Donna said. “I believe education is the key to having a successful Young Living Essential Oils business. Knowing how the oils work is very important.” Donna has always enjoyed learning and added, “I have always been a seeker of knowledge.” She also stated that it is very important to support the people in your organization. Donna said, “Supporting everyone in your organization is the only way to build a successful business. You cannot do it alone. Network Marketing is a people business. You build friendships.” She added that attending Young Living classes, conferences, conventions and trainings is the best way to gain an “essential education.”

Donna said, “My advice to new distributors is to use their upline for support and then pass that support on to their downline. The people in your organization must know that they are not alone and that they have someone to help them.” She also stressed that when you talk to new people, they always ask what the oils are doing for you. Donna said, “New distributors do better if they use the oils first and then share their personal experiences.”

She continued, “I have met so many wonderful people through Young Living. The products are miraculous, and the people in Young Living are the best. I have met people who have enriched my life and will be my friends forever.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043