Name: Janice Trachtman
Career Background: Reiki healer
With Young Living: Since 2002
Why Young Living: The power of the oils
Success Formula: Be open to your intuition

Janice_Trachtman “I was introduced to the Young Living essential oil blend Joy and it had a profound impact on my life,” says Janice Trachtman. “I immediately felt the most incredible sense of love. The feeling was so strong that I knew my life had changed and I had to know more.”

Janice started to explore essential oils and found Nandini Weitzman, a Young Living distributor. “After I met Nandini, she invited me to attend a course in Denver to learn about the oils. I live in England and had not traveled much. I had never been to America, but I was determined to learn about the oils that had such a powerful effect on my life.”

Several days later, Janice packed her bags and flew to Denver. She was amazed by the depth of knowledge and wonderful friends she gained while attending a Young Living meeting in Denver. On her way home to England she had an interesting experience. “A man sitting behind me on the plane kept coughing. After a few hours the man’s coughing increased, so I offered my assistance. I asked him if he would mind using some essential oils and he agreed. I offered him Lavender and Peace & Calming. In less than a minute he started to breathe normally without coughing.”

Eager to share her new knowledge about essential oils with friends, Janice, who is a practicing graphologist, went to visit her old graphology teacher. “When he met me, I saw that his right middle and ring fingers were bent into his palm. He said that about nine months before his fingers had strangely curled. Not only was it painful, but it was very embarrassing for him because he does a lot of court and legal consulting and he cannot shake people’s hands. Doctors suggested surgery, but my teacher was worried about going through with it. I asked him if I could be of help. He said fine. I used Reiki and the essential oils Cyprus and Marjoram. In about ten minutes his fingers opened up. We were both so excited.

“I am totally in love with Young Living essential oils and the help they provide the many people I meet,” says Janice. “What a blessing Young Living essential oils are to the world!”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043