Name: Robert & Phyllis Franks
Career Background: Chemist at Air Pollution Agency; Homemaker
How Long With Young Living: Since 1997
Why Young Living: The oils have helped us mentally, physically, and spiritually
Success Formula: Keep on sharing; never give up; keep planting those seeds and watch what sprouts up.

Robert_and_Phyllis Monica Edwards, a Young Living Silver, introduced Robert and Phyllis Franks to Young Living. Phyllis said, “Monica was visiting and insisted that I sit down and listen to a tape called the Missing Link. She even brought over her tape recorder. So I sat and listened.” After hearing the tape, Phyllis was so excited about essential oils that she decided to try them as soon as possible. Phyllis purchased the Young Living essential oil blends Motivation and Abundance.

Phyllis recalled, “My husband, Bob and I, had been working in another network marketing company with Monica for the past five years. In fact, all of us had been in the network marketing industry off and on over 20 years. I started using Motivation every day. A week later, I was really getting excited about working on the network marketing business that we were presently in. Up to that point, I had not been interested in the business; it was more my husband’s passion than mine. I went over to Monica’s house to show her the presentation book I had put together, and she looked at me strangely. She asked, ‘Have you been using that essential oil?’ I replied, ‘Yes, the oil blend called Motivation.'”

As soon as Monica reminded Phyllis of her usage of Young Living’s Motivation essential oil blend and pointed out how she was now feeling, Phyllis realized the link. “I saw the connection and I was hooked,” remarked Phyllis. “I immediately switched my passion to Young Living instead of the other network marketing company.”

Phyllis began writing letters to all her friends telling them of this experience. She had to include a P.S. to the letter because by the time she had composed the letter, she had also received a surprise check for $500. Phyllis exclaimed, “Wow! Now I could see that the Abundance essential oil, worked too!” Within the first month, Phyllis had signed up ten people. She had never accomplished anything like that before with her previous company. She added, “I had a check coming to me each month.”

Then her husband, Bob, decided to use the oils since an old football injury was acting up. The Young Living products worked wonders. Phyllis reported, “We had a habit of going walking after dinner each evening, and he could hardly walk half a block. After using the oils, he was walking, even running, and he played in the church picnic softball game.”

With Monica’s help, Bob and Phyllis started showing the oils to lots of other networkers and old-time friends. Phyllis laughed, “Monica could explain the essential oils scientifically, and Bob could explain them with his chemistry background. I just said, ‘They work! Just use them!'”

They started holding meetings in their area and discovered that they really enjoyed getting together with their Young Living team and their friends. Before long, they had earned enough money to allow them to move into their dream house in Marysville on a lake. Phyllis remarked, “We are enjoying the beauty of nature. We watch eagles, ducks, and geese fly past. Occasionally, we even have a beaver swim by to say hi. Our grandchildren love visiting us. They enjoy playing on the beachfront and swimming. Our Young Living check is paying for our house mortgage and car payment each month.”

Phyllis concluded, “Now that Bob is retired from his 30year job, we are into new adventures, but no matter where we go or what we do, we take our essential oils with us and continue to show them to people we meet. Young Living will always be a big part of our lifestyle and home. Our business keeps on growing. It is like the little Energizer bunny. It just keeps on going.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043