Jean_Marie When Jean-Marie Hepworth Friedmann decided to become a Young Living distributor ten years ago (2003), she had already enjoyed a successful 30-yearlong career in corporate America. Her background included positions ranging from sales representative to bank officer and president/CEO of a large independent insurance agency. At one time Jean-Marie was a national sales trainer for a Fortune 500 company, where she gained honors as top female sales representative in the United States.

Jean-Marie came to Young Living thanks to her friend, Mary (Billeter) Young. “While attending a health convention in California with my husband, Doctor Terry Friedmann, I ran into Mary, and she introduced Terry and I to Gary Young,” said Jean-Marie. “Gary told us about the therapeutic value of essential oils and shared with us his experiences in the use of these marvelous oils. I decided to tell Gary about an upcoming surgical procedure I was facing that involved removing a small growth from my lower lip. I asked him if one of his oils would be beneficial, and Gary gifted me with a small sample of frankincense, suggesting that I apply the oil to the area I was concerned with three times daily. I began applying it immediately. Within 24 hours the small growth had changed characteristics. In three days it was gone, and it has never returned. To say the least, I was impressed, and the healing experience certainly got my husband’s attention. Doctor Friedmann began using Young Living essential oils with his patients in his clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona.”

Explaining her interest in natural health, Jean-Marie said, “After the death of my former husband from colon cancer, I began a diligent search and education process concerning herbs and alternative healing modalities. During my grieving process I sought answers that might have saved my former husband’s life. I was also searching for ways to enhance my family’s health. It was at this time in my life that I met Terry Friedmann, MD. In retrospect, I know that search served as a foundation for the work I share with my husband in educating others about the value of therapeutic-grade essential oils.”

Jean-Marie was attracted to Young Living because of the integrity and knowledge Gary Young had and because of his personal commitment to health. Her resolution deepened as she discovered the unmatched quality of Young Living products. She said, “I love all of the Young Living products and cannot think of a day or a time when the oils have not played an important role in my life.

“It is reassuring to know that the company submits their products for testing to independent laboratories,” she continued. “This alone guarantee’s the standard of excellence before it is sold to us. If a product does not meet those standards, it is rejected for distribution. For ten years I have known that when I share these products with others, I am introducing them to the best, purest products available. On numerous occasions I have witnessed seeming miracles.”

Jean-Marie’s personal success formula is sharing and educating others about the healing qualities of the oils. Her advice to new distributors is to use the products and become a product of them. She said, “When you have used the oils and experienced the results, it is only natural to take the next step and share the oils with others.” Jean-Marie encourages all distributors to tell their personal stories. “Don’t hesitate to share your story with others, your experience could be life-changing for the person who is listening.”

Because of her high rank in Young Living, many people seek Jean-Marie’s advice. She said, “People ask me questions about building a Young Living business. The most common question is whether or not it is possible to really make money at it. My answer is, of course it is. Network marketing allows people to earn whatever they want. They set the standard for what they choose to make. This is probably the only industry where pay equals effort. I tell people who are on the fence, wondering if there is really substantial income with Young Living, that I believe God provides for our needs and the oils are His gift to us. Thus, if they are sharing these superior and beneficial Young Living products, there will be no limit to their financial rewards- they will set the standard for their own abundance.”

The second most common question Jean-Marie hears from prospective distributors is, “You joined Young Living on the ground floor-how can I do as well as you?” She tells them that it doesn’t matter when they join Young Living because there is no ground floor. “They need to understand that this business should not to be confused with other multilevel marketing companies. First, Young Living does not require people to stock a large number of products and then spend all month retailing them in order to make an income. I know my income will remain intact when I am out of my office and pursuing other adventures, and believe me, that is a wonderful place to be! Second, Young Living products are not ‘me too’ products. Therefore, it is impossible to saturate the market. Everyone benefits from using Young Living’s therapeutic essential oils.

Jean-Marie continued, “If I have seen anyone falter while building a Young Living business, it has been because he or she was representing products from two or more companies at the same time, and that caused them to lose focus. It is extremely difficult to represent more than one company at a time, and when Young Living offers over 300 products, it makes no sense for anyone to look for similar products from other companies. It is my belief that when you take your eye off the mark, neither business will do well. Young Living gives you everything you need to succeed: superior quality products, a money-back guarantee, training, etc., so why would you need another company?”

Jean-Marie said it is important for distributors to take personal responsibility for educating themselves about the uses of essential oils. “Young Living gives us continual support in supplying monthly educational tapes free of charge with every order. There are also training seminars, and everyone should own the two ‘must have’ books: Essential Oils Desk Reference and Essential Oils Integrative Medical Guide by Gary Young.

“We need to be conscious that people are watching Young Living, and we as representatives of Young Living need to set the proper example. We are now seeing various businesses and marketing agencies using Young Living as a role model. It is a common saying that ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,’ and there are many companies that are trying to copy Young Living.

Jean-Marie is an extremely talented and accomplished businesswoman. Even with all of her incredible achievements, she is a down-to-earth, loving person with a strong faith. She said, “I believe God gives us the tools we need in life, but it is up to us to put them into action. It’s my belief that everyone of us on this earth has a mission and a divine purpose. My mission and purpose is to be a messenger of truth and Young Living offers me a platform for sharing life-changing information about essential oils with others.”

With incredible leaders like JeanMarie on the Young Living team, even the loftiest goals suddenly seem to be entirely possible.

Jean-Marie’s Keys to Success

• Use Young Living products everyday.

• Share Young Living products with everyone.

• Support your Young Living organization -and it will continue to support you.

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043