Jeffrey Lewis has been involved in network marketing for almost thirty years. During this time, he has worked with several different companies, but, according to Jeffrey, none of the other companies had the integrity, solidity, and product quality of Young Living. Jeffrey says, “Prior to Young Living, I have only enjoyed intermediate success. Now I have astounding success. The difference is Young Living has products that really work, a solid executive team, and a company mission that is focused on quality instead of profit.”

When he attended his first Young Living Grand Convention, Jeffrey’s life changed. He says, “My first YL convention changed my life forever. I met Gary Young and felt his passion. I saw what Young Living was all about. It lit me on fire. I could see the big picture, and I saw myself in that picture. I was never the same after that.” Because of his personal experience, Jeffrey is a strong advocate of attending Young Living trainings and meetings. He says, “I tell everyone that they have to attend the meetings, trainings, and especially the annual conventions because it will change their lives forever. I tell people that attending meetings is a very wise investment of time and money. Nothing will build their businesses faster. I travel because it is worth it to me and my business. Building through events is one of the best ways to build a business, and it is a great way to meet other YL leaders.”

Attributing his personal success to his desire to keep learning, Jeffrey says, “Being arrogant or closed minded is the surest way to fail at network marketing. You have to be teachable. You should read everything the company provides and information about the network marketing industry. Leaders are readers.” Like many successful network marketing professionals, Jeffrey has found that the top people in network marketing are constantly developing better ways to do things and that reading is the best way to stay informed. Jeffrey states, “It is all about personal growth. Your income is only as large as your personal growth. The more you learn by reading or attending events, the more you grow, and the more you grow, the more you will earn.”

In his trainings, Jeffrey focuses on teaching people how to own their lives. He shares, “It is all about owning your life. I always ask people, ‘What would it be like if you had the time, the freedom, the money, and the health to do whatever you desired with your life?’ I love to ask people that question. It makes them think and it puts everything Young Living offers in perspective.”

Jeffrey is also very team focused. He says, “We have a great team of people who are so much fun and who remain teachable. We love them very much, and I know it sounds very cliche, but we always stress we wouldn’t be where we are in our Young Living business without them.” Continuing, Jeffrey says, “It’s been exciting watching people grow holistically in every sense of the word. We’ve seen some people grow into leaders, seen others grow a deeper connection to spirit, and yet others have gotten their health back after years of pain and suffering. We have seen people replace their incomes with Young Living compensation. They make more now than ever before. You can’t have a more rewarding life than that! We love the acronym for TEAM: Together Everyone Accomplishes More.”

Speaking about the future success of Young Living, Jeffrey says, “I see amazing international growth. The executives have carefully laid a solid foundation to support the coming global boom. Young Living is opening new international markets that will be huge. I have learned through my history of working in network marketing that if something is going well in the United States, when it hits international, it will grow ten times faster.”

According to Jeffrey, the key to being successful at Young Living is to love people and to really care about them personally. He says, “Success comes by loving people enough that you are focused on their success instead of your own. You have to love people enough that you are willing to help them, and encourage them, even when they do not desire your help or your encouragement. You have to not only praise their success, but help them get back on track when they slip off. My goal is to help thousands of people earn sizable incomes and enjoy financial freedom and better health. I help people own their life.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043