Name: Clarita Riccobono
Career Background: Business Owner
How Long With Young Living: Since 1996
Why Young Living: The joy of helping others
Success Formula: Put a drop of essential oil on everyone

Clarita_Riccobono Clarita Riccobono had a less than ideal introduction to Young Living. She recalled, “I had a meeting with a counselor, and his wife happened to be a Young Living distributor. I loved the smell of the essential oils and picked out thirteen of them. After I bought the oils, I never saw or heard from her again. I did not know how to use the oils, but I loved their scent. The bottles of essential oils I received had little white paper labels and came without any introductory materials.”

Years later, Clarita was attending a Whole Life expo in Austin, Texas, and saw a display on Young Living essential oils. Up to this time, she had only used the oils as perfumes. Intrigued by the information she received at the expo, Clarita decided to learn more about Young Living. She called the corporate office and found out that a training session was planned for Scottsdale, Arizona. Clarita said, “I attended the Scottsdale training and Marcella Vonn Harting, a Young Living Crown Diamond, invited me to her house. I went to her home and was surrounded by all these seasoned Young Living distributors/healers, and I was a real estate investor. Even though we had different backgrounds, they all made me feel so welcome and comfortable, I knew there was something special about Young Living.”

During the five-day training course, Clarita learned the Raindrop Technique. She related, “I was so excited. There were massage tables everywhere and Gary Young was teaching the Raindrop Technique. When everyone opened their essential oils and started the Raindrop, the smell was wonderful, but since it was my first time in this environment, it was almost overpowering. I have always been very sensitive to scents. As the technique progressed, I started to feel lightheaded. One of the girls noticed and suggested I sit down. The essential oils were so powerful in that room that I went into a spontaneous emotional clearing and enjoyed a beautiful experience.”

Later at the Scottsdale training, Clarita found out about a trip Gary Young was planning for Egypt. She was so impressed by her Raindrop experience that Clarita signed up. She said, “When I heard that Gary was going to teach in Egypt, I knew I had to be there. I actually quit a great job so that I could go.” After Egypt, Clarita felt that the greatest gift she could give herself was to learn all about essential oils. She believed that the best way to learn was to listen to Gary. She said, “I wanted an education from the master so I went to every training Gary offered no matter where it was.”

When offering advice to new distributors, Clarita tells them that a working knowledge of essential oils is important in order to use them properly. She also encourages them to have a sense of adventure and realize that they are going on a journey of self-discovery.

Clarita teaches, “Gary Young has given us the tools to go on a personal journey of self-discovery and healing.” Clarita instructs people that when using essential oils, more is not better. She says that it only takes a few drops of oil to get results. She also encourages people to experiment and tune in to their intuition.

Clarita has found that people, regardless of their background, can be successful with Young Living. She said, “Frequently, once people start building a business with Young Living, they tend to drop their other projects and focus on Young Living because it really can make a difference in people’s lives.” She added, “When you feel the joy that comes from helping someone improve their life, it gives you tremendous motivation to help others.”
“Wear them and share them,” said Clarita. Her advice is to put a drop of oil on everyone you introduce to Young Living. She explained, “People must be touched by the oils. If you share the oils freely, that generosity will come back to you.” Clarita also encourages people that use the oils to give them time to work. Clarita remarked, “When using the oils, be patient, and listen to your intuition. We are on a journey that is remarkable and will heal us. As time passes, we occasionally forget what is changing us. Sometimes after we have done the oils for years, we forget that it is the power of the oils that are healing us.”

Clarita is concerned about those, who like her, had a poor start with Young Living. “There are people out there who have bought some oils and then did not receive proper training or upline support,” said Clarita. These people usually fall away from the company and miss so much. She added, “I am lucky that I was not lost because Young Living and the oils have changed my life. When I found my way back to Young Living, I was extremely blessed to have the great support of Judy DeRuvo and Blanca DePaul. My experience has taught me that it is so important that we not lose anyone. I have found that in the Young Living journey of self-discovery, you can win the race even after a false start.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043