Karol_and_Delmont Mary Young introduced Karol and Delmont Truman to Young Living about 10 years ago. Mary was friends with the Trumans before she met and married Gary Young.

“When Delmont and I went to Salt Lake City for visits, we would stay with Mary,” said Karol. “On one of our visits, Mary told me about essential oils. She handed me a bottle of oil and asked me to feel it and tell her what I thought. I looked at it, smelled it, held it in my hand and felt its energy. I could tell it was a powerful product.”

“The next time I saw Mary, she told me how excited she was getting about these oils. She asked me to go with her to Seattle to attend a Young Living meeting. I had to postpone one of my own seminars to go with her. As I sat in the meeting, I started wondering what in the world I was doing in Seattle. Then Gary began to speak. He started talking about the frequencies of the oils, which really got my attention. I decided I had to get some of the oils for my own use.”

Although she was very interested in Young Living, Karol had recently written a book and was focusing on her own mission of helping people. She had no desire to share the oils. Karol is a self-published author of several very successful books. Her best seller, Feelings Buried Alive Never Die … which climbed all the way to number 14 at Amazon.com in February of this year (2004), was followed with Healing Feelings … From Your Heart. She is also a remedial counselor, spiritual therapist, and a teacher who is dedicated to assisting others in achieving success as well as emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Karol said, “After a while, I shared the oils with a few people. Merlene Humphries (now a Young Living Silver) was one of those people. At one point, she was having a challenge meeting her financial obligations. I usually carry the Young Living essential oil blend Abundance with me, so while visiting with her in her office one day, I handed it to her and suggested she try some. She asked me what to do with it. I told her to put some behind her ears, which she did, and we continued visiting .”

About 30 minutes after Merlene used the Abundance oil, people started coming through her door. Karol said, “All these people just kept coming. About 45 minutes later, when the last one left, Merlene asked me to take her to the bank. She called me two days later and, even before she said hello, she asked, ‘What is this Abundance oil?’ I asked her why, and she replied, ‘Do you realize that after I put it on, I made more money in 45 minutes than I had in the previous two weeks?'”

Merlene immediately ordered three bottles of Abundance. She kept one for herself and shared the other two with friends. Karol said, “It is very interesting, because each of the other recipients of Abundance also had very positive experiences after they used the Young Living oil blend.”

Merlene was so excited by the experience that she started sharing the oils and building her own Young Living business. Karol said, “Many months later, Merlene called me and said, ‘Do you know you’re passing up a good check by not buying $50 worth of oils each month?’ Her call was very interesting, because a small voice had been telling me for several months that I should get more involved with the essential oils. I decided to listen to the prompting, and I started sharing the oils.”

Delmont is as surprised by the success he and his wife have found with Young Living as Karol. He said, “Just this morning, as I was putting on all of these great Young Living essential oils, I thought to myself, ‘If I could go back ten years and look ahead to this time, I would wonder what I was doing.’

“I never could have guessed that using essential oils would have become so important to me. Using the oils is now automatic.”

Karol added, “It’s true. Young Living has become an essential part of our lives. I love the Raindrop. There is not a day that Delmont and I do not use Young Living oils and the rest of the products. Chewable Super C’s are wonderful. I am so grateful that Gary keeps thinking of new products to bless our lives.”

Commenting on their personal success formula, Delmont said, “We decided when we started our Young Living business that we were not going to get anxious about sharing the oils with people. Instead of pushing the oils on everyone we knew, we decided that we would watch for opportunities to share.”

Karol said, “We have found that if you keep yourself aware and look for opportunities, you will find as many of them as you can handle. We never push people, we just try to keep in touch with our feelings and look for opportunities to introduce Young Living essential oils in a natural manner, without force.”

“We send out a lot of literature,” said Delmont. “Sometimes we get responses from people in other organizations. That does not matter to us. What is important is that people get the information and begin to use the oils. If they sign up under someone else, wonderful! We do not care. We just desire for everyone to use Young Living’s essential oils. In our minds, it is a community effort.”

Karol’s advice for new distributors comes from her own experience. “The key is for new people to gain their own testimony of the value of Young Living products and then share that testimony with others,” she said. “Each day I say a little prayer and ask that the people who come into my life will be those I can either learn from or share with, people who could use help emotionally, physically, spiritually or financially.”

Delmont agrees. “Young Living is a wonderful company because it offers us the tools to help people on many different levels. Anyone can succeed with Young Living if he or she will just watch for opportunities, be organized and be ready to help others. The key is to follow your personal intuition.”

Karol and Delmont rely on newsletters and conference calls to support their organization. Delmont said, “We love conference calls. We really enjoy the exchange of information, the testimonies and the enthusiasm that comes from these calls.”

“We have different people share their expertise or stories, and then others give their input,” said Karol. “It always turns out to be a wonderful experience for everyone. We call ourselves the ‘Healing Feelings Team.'”

Karol and Delmont have developed a prosperous Young Living business. Their greatest joys, however, are their four children, their spouses and their beautiful grandchildren. Karol said, “The fun thing for us is that all our children are involved in Young Living. As a family, we go to the oils first. Our grandchildren also love the oils. It is wonderful to see how healthy they are, while all the other kids in their neighborhoods are getting sick.”

Emphasizing their love for people, Delmont said, “I love going to Young Living meetings because the people are so great. I have never met more genuine and loving people.”

Karol added, “We feel very blessed to have associations with Young Living distributors. We feel truly honored to be a part of a company with such amazing products and caring people. Gary and Mary Young are so dedicated and caring. They set the example for all of us by being a product of the products.

“If people follow their hearts and serve others, they will be blessed. When you focus on helping others and providing a good service, the blessings will come. We love being a part of reintroducing essential oils to the world. With Young Living, we are contributing to the healing of the world on many levels.”

Karol & Delmont Truman’s Keys to Success:

1. Establish Your Own Testimony

2. Follow Your Intuition

3. Look For Natural Opportunities

4. Focus on Helping Others

5. Support Your Team

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043