kathy_farmer2 Kathy Farmer is a champion Young Living business builder, but when she started, she was only concerned about one thing – sharing her love of essential oils.

With a background as a master herbalist, Kathy joined Young Living in 1993 after seeing the benefits of essential oils in her family. Kathy relates, “I saw the powers of the oils first hand. I knew they worked, and I wanted everyone I associated with to experience the power of Young Living essential oils.” Because of her passion for the oils, Kathy shared her essential oil experiences with everyone she knew. She was surprised when she discovered that even without attempting to build a business, her business was growing.

During that next year, Kathy decided to start teaching classes on essential oils to reach more people. She says, “I made a commitment to do ten introductory lectures a month. On my calendar I scheduled ten meetings each month and was determined to make every one of them happen.” These meetings provided places where people could bring others to hear Kathy speak about Young Living. Kathy also offered to speak at introductory meetings for anyone in her organization. She shares, “I knew that most new people were uneasy about holding their own meetings, so I made it as easy for them as possible.” By teaching these meetings and helping her organization, Kathy’s second year earnings doubled and then quadrupled with Young Living. She is happy to state that her income has been steadily increasing ever since.

As a top business builder, Kathy is in constant demand as a speaker and trainer. Sharing her valuable advice, Kathy teaches new Young Living distributors to begin by enjoying the essential oils and gaining their own experience. She understands that once somebody uses the oils and has a personal experience with them, they will naturally have the passion to share the oils with others. She also encourages new distributors to work together. Kathy relates, “The best thing for new distributors to do is find someone to work with.” She believes that in a new distributor’s Young Living organization or family, their upline is more important than their downline. Kathy always encourages new distributors to take advantage of their upline leaders. Kathy says, “Leaders are always looking for motivated people to help. If you ask your upline for help, they will be excited to do whatever they can to help you.”

When new distributors start to see their business grow, they often worry about how to structure their expanding business. Kathy’s advice to new leaders is to not get stressed. She says, “I advise new leaders to look at their organization and then create teams that work well together. You don’t just place somebody under someone else because it looks good on a chart. You find out who works well together and you put them on the same team. It is all about building teams. You look for leaders. Sometimes people think it is good to put a strong person under a weak person to lift them up. It actually works better to put the weak person under the strong leader and let them build the team. You place your leaders on top.”

One of the keys to a successful network marketing business is being able to teach others; this is called duplication. Kathy has found that in building her business, duplication is easiest when there is clear communication. She shares, “You have to be able to help people understand business concepts and make them so simple that anyone can do them. Never take it for granted that you have been understood. Make sure that the person you are communicating with really understands. You may be surprised how many times they do not understand.”

Another key to building a winning Young Living team is to help people become focused. Kathy says, “I use a Distributor Success Agreement. A new distributor agrees to commit a certain amount of hours into their Young Living business a week. They also agree to put at least half of that amount of time in follow-up.” Kathy says that it does not matter how many hours the distributor commits, as long as they are consistent in their effort. She shares, “Consistency is a key to success. Some businesses grow fast and some grow slow according to how much time is invested, but the only ones that do not grow are those that are not worked consistently.” Kathy also adds that follow-up is vital. She says, “I have seen people come into this business and spend a lot of time recruiting and then not spend any time following up with the new recruits. This is one of the fastest ways to fail. You have got to support your team and you do that by follow-up. If you lose contact with your people, you will lose them. Even when people are not interested, you stay in friendly contact. Don’t be a pest, but keep in contact. It is all about building relationships.”

Sharing another key to dynamic business building, Kathy explains, “The whole concept is just talking to people and discovering what their desires are. Then you help them fulfill their desires. Just listen; don’t sell. If you listen carefully, you will find a way to help practically everyone you talk to find a way in which Young Living can bless his or her lives. Everyone can benefit from the oils.” Kathy adds, “It helps if you genuinely love people. Hearing people’s stories about using the essential oils and other Young Living products is the most exciting thing in the world to me. I love hearing how people are using the oils and the positive changes in their lives because I took the time to listen and then to help them.”

Speaking about her achievement of reaching the highest level at Young Living, Kathy states, “From a business perspective, as I have achieved Crown Diamond, I have learned that the basic principles are what are most important. If you understand and apply the basics, you will be able to go as far as you want to go. I knew about the value of communication, teamwork, listening, and sharing, but as my business grew, these things became clearer and more important. As my business grew, it allowed me to see from a different perspective that almost every time there was a problem, it was a communication problem. Or every time someone was talking to a lot of people, but no one seemed interested, it was often because they were not listening carefully. If someone on my team has a problem, I make sure it is solved. Most of the time there is a problem it is because someone in the team feels that they are not being heard. Clear communication and good listening are vital.”

Reminiscing on her start at Young Living Kathy says, “I want people to know that if I can do it, they can do it. I started out with two dollars and a very sick daughter. I built my Young Living business with two dollars and a lot of passion. Anyone can do what I have done. All they have to do is use the products long enough to have a personal experience. Once they do, they will have the passion. Then all they have to do is share it. It is that simple. When you share your experience, also share the products so others will have their own experience. You can talk until you are blue in the face, but until someone has a personal experience, they will not have passion.”

“Young Living gives us the opportunity to change lives,” Kathy says. She continues, “We have the power to influence everyone we meet for the better. If we are open to everyone, we will be guided. It doesn’t matter how much we know about the oils; if we know anything at all, we know enough. We may only know about one oil. That is enough. We are given opportunities to help others every day. We simply talk to everyone we meet.”

Kathy shares, “People ask me, ‘What are you going to do now that you have reached the top?’ That makes me smile because I have so many goals I have yet to achieve. So many more things I wish to do. I have only just begun. I have discovered that there is no limit to what one can achieve with Young Living. It is simple really. Success comes from helping others be successful. Prosperity is based on helping others be prosperous. We teach to learn. We sow what we reap. It is the law of the harvest.”

Kathy Farmer is a great example of sharing, loving, helping, and teaching. As she gives, she receives, and then she gives more. This is the cycle of success and the heart of Young Living!

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043