Kathy_Farmer It is interesting to note that many times people seem to be led to Young Living during a moment of crisis. Such was the case with Kathy Farmer, a Young Living Diamond (2003).

About ten years ago, when Kathy first learned about Young Living, her 13-year-old daughter was hospitalized due to bi-polar problems. The doctors’ prognosis was not good; in fact, her daughter was considered homicidal. The physicians tried to balance Kathy’s daughter with various medications, but nothing seemed to work. Kathy said, “I was teaching the Silva Method at this time and was a master herbalist. I knew there had to be something out there to help my little girl. Then I was invited to attend a class on essential oils. I had looked at essential oils before and was not impressed. But this time I felt I should take another look.”

As the scheduled time for the class came closer, Kathy discovered there was a major conflict. “I realized that the hospital was going to let my daughter come home for a visit on the same day my essential oil class was being held. I had a problem because my husband was busy and my daughter could not be left alone. I could have chosen to stay home with her, but I really wanted to attend the essential oils class.”

Kathy thought about it and made a decision that would change her life and the life of her daughter. “I decided to take my daughter with me to the class,” she said, adding that most of the people who were attending the class already knew about the challenges she had with her daughter, so she hoped they would be supportive.

“After the class, we smelled some of the oils and my daughter made a lot of uncomplimentary comments,” said Kathy. “She was very negative until she smelled Joy. It wasn’t that her attitude changed drastically, she was just a little less negative. My daughter said it wasn’t ‘half bad.'” Grasping the opportunity, Kathy purchased some oil.

As they walked to their car, Kathy noticed that her daughter would occasionally sniff the essential oil. “By the time we got to the car, I noticed that a change was occurring within her. As I spoke to my daughter, I realized that I was actually communicating with her for the first time in many years.” Kathy explained that in the past when she would speak to her daughter, there was never any real communication. Words could be spoken, but there was no mutual understanding. Now that had all changed. Kathy said, “It was a major moment in my life.”

When Kathy received her first order of Young Living essential oils, she shared them with her daughter. Two weeks later, her daughter was released from the hospital. Kathy’s daughter went on to graduate from high school with honors. She is currently a massage therapist specializing in emotional clearing. She is also the mother of a sweet little baby boy Kathy calls “my adorable little grandbaby.”

Speaking about her success with Young Living, Kathy said, “I was literally down to my last two dollars when I took that essential oils class, and today I am a Diamond. Young Living has provided a vehicle that has truly allowed me not only to take care of my family’s health, but also to provide for them financially.”

She continued by saying, “My personal Young Living success formula is doing introductory lectures. I am a firm believer in introductory lectures. At this point in my career, I don’t do them as much, but when I started I did ten a month for more than a year. I made a personal commitment and that was my minimum. Some months I was scrambling, but I always managed to find a place for a lecture.”

Kathy is also a firm believer in training. “I believe that as a leader you must take responsibility for training everyone in your organization. The reason I grew as fast as I did is because I didn’t expect my people to build their businesses on their own. I continued to contact everyone coming into my organization until the numbers became too large. By doing that I found out who was really interested in building a business, and I didn’t wait until someone else found the time to work with them. I went out and did an introductory lecture for new people in their homes.”

Speaking about new distributors, Kathy said, “New distributors need to realize that no matter how little they think they know about the oils, they know more than their friends or family. You do not have to be an expert. Just share what you know. That is enough to get started.”

Follow-up is one of the main things Kathy emphasizes to her people. “If you find somebody wonderful who is really excited about doing the business and you do not follow up, you will lose him or her. Never expect people to get on the website and do the things they need to do at first without your help. You must follow up with everyone, no matter how motivated they are. Not doing follow-up is the biggest ‘business breaker’ there is.”

She adds, “Be patient with people.” Kathy has found that sometimes people need a little time to catch the Young Living vision. “I have seen people not do anything for a while and then all of a sudden seem to wake up and realize there is a great opportunity here, and then they are on fire. It is all about communication and staying in touch.”

Her advice to new distributors is to first get their own experiences with the products and then share those experiences with others. “If you use any of the products for 90 days, you will have an experience worth sharing. The odds are that you will probably start having experiences in the first week that are exciting and that you will want to share. I want people to not just be excited about fast results, but to focus on life changes. I want to get people away from an attitude of just trying things and move them toward making commitments to improve their health. These are core changes. Those of us who have used Young Living products for years know that there are some products that we will continue to use indefinitely.

“Use the products and collect your experiences,” said Kathy. “Anyone can be successful at Young Living-the key is to be consistent. You must be consistent and dedicated. Whatever you do, do it consistently and you will be successful. My philosophy is that we have a need to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually, and Young Living is the only product line that offers support in all those essential areas. We have an absolute miracle on our hands here at Young Living.”

Kathy’s Keys to Success

1. Sign up for auto-ship
2. Speak from your heart and tell your personal story
3. Remember to smile, even when writing or talking on the phone
4. Keep your presentation simple and pressure free
5. Let people know you care about them and their success. Send or give them information often – it doesn’t have to be a lot. Always follow-up.
6. Accept the responsibility of making sure that everyone in your organization receives support
7. Remember to say “Thank You” often
8. Ask for referrals. Most people, even those passing up the opportunity for now, will know of others who may be interested. Treat those referrals as GOLD, they are every bit as precious.
9. Attend company functions and bring as many people as possible
10. Run you business like a business. A professional effort produces professional results. Dress professionally.
11. Set goals for yourself and for your group. Help others set goals as well. Together we achieve our goals and we all win.

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043