Today’s busy lifestyles move at an accelerated pace. We work harder- we even play harder. Sports and recreation are an important part of staying healthy. But sometimes the price of working out can be muscle and joint discomfort. There are 50 million Americans who find their active lifestyle now includes restricted mobility because of joint and muscle discomfort.

Sports medicine offers numerous chemical remedies, but they often come with harmful side effects. Increased mobility comes at the price of damaging chemicals.

There are natural solutions however, just ask Gary Young. Keeping physically fit for Gary means finding relief from a well-placed jousting lance or landing on the ground after being thrown by a rambunctious horse.

Combining Pure and Natural Sulfur with the Power of Wolfberries

After experiencing his own muscle and joint discomfort, in 1999 Gary formulated Sulfurzyme, combining the purest source of sulfur with the power of Ningxia wolfberries. Sulfur is an essential component of all life forms and is important in keeping connective tissue flexible.

Wolfberries are a treasure trove of protein, amino acids, and more than 21 minerals. It is not well known, however, that in order for sulfur to be properly metabolized, the body requires important trace minerals like molybdenum. That’s why Sulfurzyme is so effective-combining sulfur with wolfberries allows MSM to be completely metabolized. Together, wolfberries and MSM offer powerful support for muscles, joints, and skin. And the only side effects are increased energy and fast-growing hair and nails.

A New Cutting-Edge Formula

Staying on the cutting edge of health science means monitoring the latest research. Thus, in 2003, Gary formulated another powerful joint and muscle support product called BLM (Bones, Ligaments and Muscles) Nutritional Support. A true scientific breakthrough, BLM supports and protects the body from the unavoidable wear and tear of our busy lifestyles.

Peer-review studies have shown that the ingredients in BLM offer unparalleled support for bone and joint discomfort.

Only the finest and purest ingredients are used in this formulation:

  • MSM is an exceptionally bioavailable source of sulfur that restores flexibility to cell membranes and slows the breakdown of cartilage.
  • Glucosamine sulfate has 30 years’ worth of double-blind, placebo-controlled studies showing it helps the formation of cartilage.
  • Type II collagen contains the greatest number of joint-supporting proteoglycans than any other cartilage source, including shark and bovine cartilage. It has the added bonus of a powerful, newly discovered antioxidant proteoglycan called cartilage matrix glycoprotein (CMGP), which can help reduce oxidative damage to joints.
  • Manganese citrate acts as a catalyst in the synergyzing of these powerful ingredients.
  • Essential oil of clove (Syzygium aromaticum) has a long history of use in dentistry as a numbing agent.
  • Essential oil of Idaho balsam fir (Abies balsamea) is one of the richest sources of limonene, a powerful antioxidant that may help ease stress and tension in joints and is relaxing to the muscoskeletal system.
  • Wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens) contains methyl salicylate, the soothing constituent found in many sports medicines and used in massage for its relaxing effects.

Synergy: The Enhanced Power of Interaction

Whether you lift weights, jog, or even joust, adding the power of BLM and Sulfurzyme to your daily regime will offer the most powerful joint and muscle support known. Working together, these cutting-edge formulas protect and enhance mobility through the synergy of nature’s most powerful ingredients. Put the combined power of all-natural Sulfurzyme and BLM to work in your life!

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043