kim-rinaldi[…] Kim Rinaldi finally gave in to one of her closest friends and decided to use Young Living’s lavender essential oil. To her surprise, the oil worked amazingly well. At this time, she was running a day care from her home, and she was not interested in network marketing. Kim says, “I had done enough network marketing in the past that my warm market ran the opposite direction when they saw me.” She only signed up as a Young Living distributor to purchase product at wholesale prices. Kim shares,’All I did was talk to people about the oils that I was using on a daily basis; I figured if I could just make enough money to cover the cost of my new ‘habit’ then I would be happy.” One year later, Kim’s life was turned completely upside down when she went through bankruptcy and lost her home. Then a few months later, she went back to the courthouse for divorce proceedings to end a fifteen-year marriage. Kim says, “There I sat with two young children in a home that would not be mine for much longer with no husband, no child support, and a day care that was failing.” Kim rented a small trailer and signed up for food stamps to feed her children. It was a very difficult time for her, but Kim never gave up. She wanted to work full-time at her Young Living business, but she wasn’t sure how long it would take her to support herself and her two children. Kim relates that after many prayers, things began to fall into place for her. She shares, “My day care had closed, so I dove into working my Young Living business and helping my kids make the necessary adjustments in their lives. I went to every Young Living event I could. I also started holding workshops. Mostly I shared what I knew – from my heart – to whomever would listen.” Kim was amazed when she started noticing huge changes in herself. She says, “Funny how hard times tend to make you aware of what you are truly capable of. I remember how difficult it was to climb under my trailer to thaw the pipes on a really cold winter day. Just raising two kids as a single parent was huge.” As she worked hard, Kim found that things began to improve. Her Young Living business was growing, and, after a few months, the food stamps were no longer necessary. She says, “We weren’t living large by any means but we had all the necessities. My Young Living business continued to grow, and I became more encouraged. As the months went by, all areas of my life were improving.” Kim’s personal life was also changing. She met her companion, Dell, at a health fair. They started going to dinner and spending more time together. Kim says, “Dell has really encouraged me to keep going whenever I have a down day. We’ve worked side by side in many ventures. We’ve attended seminars for personal growth and helped each other repeatedly set goals-something that is vitally important.” Less than five years later, overflowing with joy, Kim moved her family into her dream home. “It is a wonderful house, complete with a meeting room, swimming pool, an office that overlooks the river, a dock to meditate on in the mornings, and it’s in a wonderful neighborhood for my kids.” It just so happened that the closing took place on her birthday, and she was overjoyed by the gift. She shares, “Dell and I have added one more to our family. In November, we had our baby boy, Dylan Hunter. My life transformation has been completed. Now it is time to set new goals and continue growing both personally and as a family. Young Living will be a part of my life every step of the way.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043 
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