Vijay Johann Hanzal

The first Raindrop Technique® Master in Europe, Vijay Hanzal, a Young Living Gold (2006), has an extensive background in alternative health¬care modalities, is the founder of the Raindrop Academy, and is the owner of the Raindrop Studio in his hometown, Langenzerdorf, Austria. Vijay was introduced to Young Living in 2002 by his long-time friend Dr. Gabriele Hauser.

Vijay relates, “I have known Gabriele for many years. She gave me an Essential 7™ collection, and I used several of the oils for an infection in my hand.” He was amazed when his hand was better the next day. Vijay had always believed that natural products were good and that they would not harm people like synthetic products, but he had never experienced anything as powerful as essential oils. He states, “I knew there was something amazing about these essential oils. They completely changed my life.”

When Vijay had this amazing experience with the essential oils, he was managing a large tech¬ical software support company with a huge staff. He says, “I was managing a lot of people and making a lot of money, but I realized that I was not really happy.” Vijay began to feel that he wanted to do something more significant with his life and that whatever he chose would somehow include essential oils. He spent the next couple of years training as a massage therapist, and he integrated essential oils into his training. Vijay recalls, “When I did massage with the oils, I found that I became very happy. I realized I was finally doing something that I really wanted to do with my life.” He was so successful that Vijay started his own massage therapy business and opened his own massage studio. His Raindrop Studio is now the meeting place for all of his Young Living team.

When asked about the reason for his huge success, Vijay responds, “My success is based on my knowledge and experiences with the effectiveness of Young Living’s therapeutic-grade essential oils. I continue to see miraculous results in people’s lives as they use the oils. When you see the oils help someone, it strengthens your belief in what you are doing. What makes me so happy is my love of the oils. People know that I love the oils and I love what I do. People feel my love, and when they use the oils, they develop a similar love for the oils.”

The advice Vijay gives to new distributors is to experience the oils for themselves. He always carries the essential oils of lemon and peppermint. He states, “During my first contact with people, I have them experience lemon and peppermint essential oils. When they want to know more, and they always do, I invite them to one of my meetings. I call these gatherings Essential 7 evenings.” In these meetings, Vijay speaks about Young Living’s commitment to quality and purity. He shares testimonials on how the essential oils have helped people, and he lets everyone experience all of the oils in Essential 7. He has found that one of the oils in the collection will always connect with someone who is trying them. Vijay says, “I find that people are always surprised when they first experience the oils and are very grateful for the experience.”

To help them build a strong business, Vijay encourages his partners, or team, to use him to help introduce new people to the oils. “My partners will set up meetings, and I will go and speak to their prospects. This way, I train my partners on how to hold their own meetings and present the oils. By training my partners correctly, I know that my efforts will be duplicated and my partners will also be successful.” Vijay believes that Young Living leaders should understand that whatever they do, their team will do. He states, “If I am lazy, my team will be lazy. If I work hard, my team will work hard. They will do what I do. When my team sees me working hard, they do not mind working hard.” Vijay strongly believes that leading by example is the best way to build a Young Living business.
As a man of action, Vijay knows that building a relationship marketing business requires getting out and meeting people. He says, “We do not build our businesses by sitting in our chairs. We must get out and go to the people. People who just sit in chairs and think about doing the business are only dreamers. We must get out of our chairs and become Doers and not just Dreamers. Dreams are good, but they do not mean anything if we do nothing to make them happen.”

Vijay believes that in life, the most important things are to laugh much, work hard, and love what you do-and he is a great example of what he believes.

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043