Name: Star Moree
Career Background: Physical Therapy
How Long With Young Living: Since 1998
Why Young Living: The oils worked
Success Formula: Be passionate

Star_Moree Working as a physical therapist, Star Moree was focused on making sure her patients received every possible health and medical benefit available. Consequently, she stayed current with the advances in alternative healthcare as well as allopathic medicine.

When Star saw an ad placed in a health magazine by Young Living Silver Nancy Carnahan, she felt compelled to send for the information. Star said, “I was very interested in trying the essential oils because as a physical therapist, I saw so many patients that were not getting well. I also had many patients reporting to me that they were having adverse side effects with their medications. When I contacted their doctors, they said there was nothing else they could do. That is why I started seeking other alternatives.”

When the Young Living information arrived, Star was thrilled. She related, “I decided to wait until Christmas and then treat myself to an Essential 7 kit and several other Young Living products.” She was very impressed when she tried the oils. She said, “I had been having trouble with my skin since I was a teenager. I desired to resolve the problem naturally rather than using antibiotics or other medications. The Young Living oils, supplements, and the cleansing products made significant improvements on my skin.” The improvements were so dramatic that everyone desired to know what Star was using. She recalled, “It was amazing. It not only improved my skin, it also improved my mood. I felt so great having clear skin for the first time in my adult life.”

Her advice to new distributors is to learn everything they can about Young Living products. Star related, “People think I have all the answers. That is because I study the reference materials provided by Young Living.” She also believes that anyone involved with Young Living should be a “product of the product.” Star said, “It is vital that everyone has their own personal experiences with Young Living products. Often times we expect our family and friends to jump on the bandwagon before we have enough experience and information to help them feel comfortable. If we really desire to help others, we must have our own experiences first. “

To begin building her business, Star placed ads in health magazines. She expressed, “I liked advertising because I was very uncomfortable with public speaking.” Gradually Star started teaching small classes and eventually became more confident with her speaking skills. She said, ”After a while, I became very comfortable with who I am and what God has given me to share with others. I really believe the oils supported me emotionally and helped build my confidence. Now I prefer to share Young Living through classes. I have totally changed and come full circle. That is what Young Living products have done for me.”

Star learned from her patients the importance of enjoying life and living a healthy lifestyle. She said, “Our modern lifestyle does not embrace good nutrition. Everything is so fast. We eat fast foods and live fast lives. I have been inspired and empowered through the education provided by Young Living. I have seen the oils make such a positive difference in my family. We all love Berry Young Juice. I am so pleased that I have natural health options for my family. I have seen my extended family come together with the common bond of Young Living.” Star expressed, “I love the opportunity Young Living has given me to live a happy, healthy life and help others do the same. Because of Young Living, my life is wonderful now. Every day is so much fun!”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043