Name: Susan Pottish
Career Background: Biofeedback Therapist
How Long With Young Living: Since 1997
Why Young Living: The wonderful opportunity
Success Formula: Become an ardent advocate

Susan_Pottish Susan Pottish, a Young Living Silver (2005), had a wide variety of work experience when she joined Young Living. She had been a film editor, a music teacher, a waitress, a seminar leader, a returning college student, and finally, a biofeedback therapist. The last thing she expected to do at fifty-one years of age was to go into network marketing. Susan related, “I had a dream. I desired to live a contemplative life, and that was going to take some serious income.”

After a lot of research, Susan decided that network marketing was her only real option, despite a miserable previous experience. She related, “My search for a good MLM company led me to Paul Morris, a Young Living Gold, who had been very successful in network marketing. He said the first thing I should do is try some oils and get my own ‘oil story.’ It is interesting that my husband, a physician, had less skepticism about the oils than I did!”

Susan bought her first Essential 7™ Kit and soon had positive results. ”After only two days, I had a dramatic experience with the oils. My husband and I were astonished, and to my amazement, about four out of ten people I spoke to about my experience decided to order something from Young Living. Without even thinking about it, I was getting my first lesson about how this amazing business really works. This is what they mean when they say, ‘Become a product of the product,’ ” she expressed.

Remembering her first Young Living conference call, Susan shared, “My husband and I were lying on the floor with the speakerphone on, listening to Gary Young talk about planting lavender. He spoke about how the harvest was going and how beautiful it was at the Young Living Farm. I was so happy just listening, dreaming of being on the Farm, and I realized that this company was reconnecting me to nature. I was in love with the oils and inspired by the founder, Gary Young, who is a true healer. “

She has found that over the years, the oils have helped her to relax and widen her vision of what is possible in life. Susan explains, “I have become an ardent advocate of network marketing because it helps you learn greater trust, cooperation, respect, and love for other people. I have my first two partners, Barbara Rozen and Patty Morris, to thank for helping me learn these things, and all the other amazing people who joined our team in the same spirit.”

When giving advice to new distributors, Susan suggests, “Don’t waste precious time. Copy people who are already successful. When I asked a millionaire MLM’ er the secret to success, he said, ‘Don’t quit.’ So make a commitment and get started.” Susan recommends that new distributors find at least three ways to reach out to people make a plan for each, and then do three personal things every day. The first is to say aloud what you desire from this business-in other words, your dream in life. Second, declare that failure is not an option, even when you feel like quitting, which will happen often! An third, tell at least one person your oil story and your dream. Susan asserts, ” you do this at least once every single day, you will succeed.”

Explaining the effect that comes from following this procedure, Susan said, “From the very start, you will begin to feel a surge of power in your heart because you will be fueling the power of your dream. Just by doing this you will begin to feel new freedom! Use the power to overcome every urge to quit which is normal and is your only obstacle to success. You do not have to teach anyone anything-let your behavior do that. You do not have to be an expert – let the books and tapes do that. Just honor your dream, follow your plan, and never ever quit!”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043