Marcella_Vonn_Harting Marcella Vonn Harting, a Gold (2003) Young Living distributor, discovered Young Living ten years ago. “It was my dear friend Mary Young who introduced me,” she says.

Marcella, who is known as “Vonn” by everyone in the Young Living family, became interested in alternative health due to a serious problem with her daughter. “When my little girl was born, she swallowed merconium, the tar-like bowel movement of infants. It poisoned her system. At seven months old my daughter had a sever case of pneumonia. She literally died in my husband’s arms as we rushed to the hospital. But God miraculously gave her back to us. We lived in the critical care unit of the hospital for ten days. When my daughter was three, a team of doctors told me that she was retarded and there was nothing that could be done for her. I refused to accept their diagnosis. I started investigating alternative health and nutrition. If someone said they had something that might help my daughter, I was right there checking it out,” says Vonn.

After searching everywhere for an answer that continually eluded her, Vonn got the phone call that changed her-and her daughter’s-life forever. “Mary Young called me up one day and asked me if I knew anything about aromatherapy. She told me about a new company called Young Living, and about Gary Young, its founder. Mary suggested I try the two essential oils blends, Peace & Calming and Clarity. And that is how I finally found the answer that I had been searching for to help my daughter.”

Continuing her studies in alternative health care, Vonn focused on amazing new discoveries about essential oils. “I found research by Dr. Lapraz that examined the effects of essential oils. I was so impressed that I started experimenting with various Young Living essential oils with my daughter. My husband and I were overjoyed as we saw significant positive changes in our daughter’s abilities.”

These changes were so substantial that her daughter’s teachers and the parents of her daughter’s friends started asking Vonn what she was doing. “It was amazing to see my little girl make such credible progress. She went from being diagnosed as retarded to actually graduating from high school a year early.” Vonn’s daughter continues to excel and will soon be graduating from college.

Commenting on her success at building her Young Living business, Vonn said, “Success with Young Living is based on the little things that we do. Simple things like sending thank you notes make all the difference.” She continues, “New distributors must know that they can succeed regardless of their abilities. I stuttered as a child for three years. As I got older I swore I would never get up in front of people and talk.” Today Vonn is a powerful speaker and is one of the most sought after trainers in Young Living. She says Mary Young helped her overcome her reluctance. “It is all Mary Young’s fault. She would continuously pull me out of the audience and make me talk in front of large crowds. Now I love it.”

Vonn says that one of the most successful habits a distributor can develop is listening to people. “Some of us are so busy talking that we never really listen to people. Every human being has the basic need to feel significant and special. When you help people feel valued by listening to them, you create a bonding relationship. Also, if you listen long enough, you will find at least one Young Living product that will fill their needs.”

Another key to success that Vonn stresses is balance. “There are some distributors who allow themselves to be consumed by their businesses. They forget they have a life while they are building their businesses, and they ultimately end up sacrificing their health or family. Balance is vital. I teach my organization effective methods distributors can use to empower themselves so they can build a successful business without losing their personal lives.”

As a strong leader, Vonn knows the importance of building other leaders. “It is important for all the leaders in Young Living to coach their people and teach them how to be great leaders.” One of the ways Vonn encourages her leaders to develop is through recognition. “I have a personal commitment to acknowledge everyone in my downline for his or her achievements. I have found acknowledgement often motivates more than money.”

Vonn is continually perfecting herself and her business. “I am committed to finding smart ways of doing things. For example, I find that the most fascinating thing with people in this business is that they do not know how to close. They will talk about the oils enthusiastically all day long, but they fail to ask for the order. I am always looking for-or creating-tools that I can give my downline to help them understand the basics of network marketing the Young Living way.” Vonn has created a powerful business building compact disk called the “Miracle of Young Living.” This visual presentation includes information on the Young Living Company Profile, farms, Essential 7 Kit, Berry Young Juice and a win/win opportunity.

When you are around Vonn, it is impossible to not notice her positive and vibrant way of speaking. A topic that is very closely associated with Vonn at Young Living is Conscious Language. “I am probably known more in this company for Conscious Language than for anything else I have done. I did a series of three interviews on Conscious Language with Bob Stevens, the man who developed the concept. I teach people how to create the things they choose in their life through language. It is my personal opinion that everything happens to us because of unconscious word patterns. We have emotions that tie into our language and produce physical outcomes.”

With all of her success, Vonn manages to remain humble. “I start every morning in gratitude and prayer. When I started praying that everyone I encountered would be for my highest good and I to theirs, it was fascinating to see the people who came into my life and those who fell out. I am blessed everyday by the amazing people I have in my organization. This is a business about all these wonderful people making the world better and helping others. That is what makes network marketing so phenomenal. It is people making a contribution to the betterment of the whole.”

Young Living is known for the quality and integrity of its distributors and Vonn is a perfect example of someone who is focused on giving rather than receiving. “Every morning I ask myself, ‘how can I be of service?’ Then, in the evening I ask myself, ‘if today was the last day on this planet for me, did I go out making a difference in someone’s life?’ For me, Young Living has been a catalyst that allows me to make a difference on this planet. Young Living has allowed me to serve on a level I never dreamed possible.”

Summing up her feelings, Vonn said, “The bottom line is to find your passion. For me it is teaching. I love to teach. It’s been wonderful being with Young Living because I can fuel my passion and be of service to many people. If people find their passion, the world will take off for them. The universe offers endless abundance. When we find our passion within Young Living, we tap into our full potential and abundance.”

Passionate, dynamic, caring, giving-a gentle healer and a powerful leader, Marcella “Vonn” Harting personifies the best of Young Living.

Vonn’s Elements of Success:

1. Use Young Living products and become a product of the products

2. Share and recommend Young Living products to others

3. Sponsor and empower other people

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043