Marcella Vonn Harting is renowned throughout Young Living as a passionate, caring, and dynamic leader. As a new Crown Diamond, she has reached the pinnacle of business success. While Mar­cella is thrilled that she has reached this prestigious summit, she expresses that her true joy comes from the people she has met on her amazing climb. She shares, “I am so pleased to have achieved my goal of Crown Diamond with the new compensation plan. I am delighted to share my success with so many wonderful friends and team members who have been right beside me on this journey.”

Mary Young, cofounder of Young Living, brought Marcella into the company almost fourteen years ago. Marcella says, “Mary called me and asked me if I had heard about aromatherapy. I told her I didn’t know anything about it. Mary said she believed that essential oils could help my family. She was right. Young Living not only helped my family, it changed my entire life.”

Like many distributors, Marcella became involved with Young Living because of the health benefits of the oils, not to build a business. She relates, “I wasn’t interested in making money because I was so focused on helping people feel better. My husband is a successful business owner, and I didn’t have to work.” Marcella was happy as a housewife raising her family. It wasn’t until her commis­sion check reached five figures per month that Marcella realized she had built a successful busi­ness. She says, “I looked at my check and went, ‘Wow!’ I suddenly felt such a strong responsibility for all the people in my organization that I actually sat down and cried.”

In her journey to the top, she discovered that one of the most important things in network mar­keting is clear communication. She says, “Good team communication is vital. Leaders have to find a way to stay in communication with their organization.” Marcella also believes that relationship building is essential. She teaches that network marketing is ten percent business and ninety percent relationships. Marcella has found that good people skills are far more valuable than good business skills. She shares, “This business is all about building relationships. Network marketing is relationship marketing. When people really understand this, their whole business will take off.”

In all her years with Young Living, Marcella has found that even though the company is great, the compensation plan is great, and the products are great, the bottom line is that it is the people who make Young Living work.

Because of this belief, she teaches her team of distributors the importance of knowing how to deal with people. She helps them develop successful people skills. Marcella says that one of the main reasons she is so focused on people is because of her mentor, Mary Young. Marcella shares, “Mary taught me many phenomenal things about network marketing. But the most important thing Mary taught me was to help people by discovering what they desire and then meeting those desires.” Looking back, Marcella acknowledges that the main reason she has succeeded in network marketing is because of her “people” focus. She relates, “I have always desired to help everyone I meet, even if it meant that there would not be a sale. There have been some times when I have helped people and they did not become involved with Young Living.”

Currently, Marcella finds great joy in mentoring and helping others build their Young Living orga­nizations. Always working on personal improvement, Marcella is searching for ways to become a better mentor. In this search, she reflects on what she believes are the keys to success. She says, “The key to this whole business is finding out how to support people. People must learn how to get out of their own way, or forget themselves, as they learn how to support others. The greatest gift we can give in this business is support.” Continuing, she shares, “This business is so simple, but we make it so complicated. The Compensation Plan bonus structure Young Living has is powerful. Putting money in people’s pockets right out of the starting gate is an amazing incentive that is creating a lot of new business builders.”

Speaking about the changes she has seen over the years in Young Living, Marcella said that she has a relatively new team member who will be advancing to the rank of Silver soon. He told Marcella that he was sorry it had taken her so many years to reach the top. Puzzled by his remark, she asked him why he was sorry for her. He replied that it will not take him half as long as it took her to get to the top. Marcella chuckles as she says,

“I smiled at him and replied, ‘Yes!’ I am so happy that because of the new YL business-building tools and compensation plan, people can move up faster than ever before. Success with Young Living is easier than it has ever been. Having him tell me that was the greatest thing someone could have said to me. Success is so easy now.”

Marcella’s nineteen-year-old son, Dallas, once told her he did not think he could be successful at Young Living because he would never know as much about the oils as his mom did. Marcella shares, “I told him that was exactly how I used to feel. I would go to YL trainings and I would feel like I could never know everything I needed to. I was going to all these meetings where I would be furiously taking notes to learn as much as I could. Gaining knowledge was good, but I was getting so discouraged.”

Then Marcella met Frank Burns. He helped her tremendously by helping her understand the busi­ness side of Young Living. He told her that she would have a very difficult time succeeding with her business if her only focus was as a teacher. Marcella says, “I had dinner with Frank and asked him to tell me what he had done to build his very successful business. He said that in network marketing, you get what you focus on. He called it the law of attraction. Simply it means that, if you focus on teaching, you will only attract other teachers. If you focus on business building, you will attract business builders.” Once people experience the oils, Marcella has found that this initial encounter will give them a foundation to build upon. She says, “When people use the oils, they feel their power and know that they work. I have discovered that I do not have to know every detail about how the oils work. All I have to know is that they do work.” Marcella shared this concept with her team members and the shift has been profound.

When asked what motivates her to succeed, Marcella answers, “I share Young Living with ev­eryone that I meet so that I can sleep at night. I am not driven by whether they buy or not. I am driven by a burning desire for them to understand that Young Living will have a positive impact on their physical, mental, emotional, and financial wellness.” Marcella is also motivated by fun. She teaches that life is all about enjoying what you are doing. Marcella says, “I like to have fun. This has been a major shift for me. I now ask myself everyday, how am I going to have fun today? How am I going to help others have fun today? We should get up looking forward to every day of our life. If we are having fun, if we are serving others, if we are making a difference in this world, we will be excited for each day that we are given.” Marcella has found that life is full of choices and that everyone can choose to be happy and to have fun. She shares, “We can choose to be happy. Stuff happens to every one of us. It is how we choose to handle it that sets apart the winners and losers. If we choose to be we will be winners. Life is all about attitude. We must live with passion. We must live to be happy. We must live to serve others. If we do these things, we will be successful and we will love our life.”

Constantly reaching for new heights, Marcella is taking another huge step into the world of book publishing by coauthoring a network marketing book with another Young Living distributor, James Dillehay. Joining them as a coauthor is Jay Conrad Levinson, the genius behind the hugely suc­cessful Guerilla Marketing books. She says, “I am so excited about my new book. I am honored that James and I are working together with Jay to give network marketers everywhere the tools required to be successful.” Her new book will be available in bookstores in the fall of 2006. Marcella previously published a book titled “Yes, No, Maybe” Chronobiotic™ Nutrition, which teaches the value of eating foods at precise times of the day for specific health results.

Summing up the knowledge she has gained in her remarkable achievement of becoming a Crown Diamond, Marcella shares, “To get to the very top, you have to be able to serve others. You have to get your ego out of the way. You have to find the strength to push yourself out of the picture and focus on others.

Once you are able to do this – serve others without reservation or desiring something for yourself – you will be successful. I’m not talking about a little successful; I am talking about amazing, outrageous success.”

Walking the talk, Marcella has lived her life in the service of others. Her example teaches that a rewarding and successful life is not only about serving others, it is about the journey rather than the destiny. She says, “Enjoy the journey. It is not so much about where we get as how we get there. Young Living has so much to offer everyone that there is more than enough to share with all who desire it. I desire to see more Diamonds, many more Diamonds. I invite all Young Living distributors to come up and join me; there is plenty of room at the top.”

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043