mary_starr Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter, a Young Living Gold, was in chiropractic school six years ago (2006) when she met her friend and mentor Kathy Kouwe, a Young Living Platinum. Mary says, “I met Kathy at an essential oil home party where I first experienced the oils. The next day, a colleague told me that he had slept better than he had ever slept in his life after applying ValorĀ® essential oil.”

Due to her background in biochemistry, Mary was very skeptical of the oils. Consequently, she spent a year studying and using oils. Mary says, “I discovered that very few oils on the market are pure. Young Living essential oils are pure therapeutic-grade oils supported by solid scientific evaluations and clinical research.” With this knowledge and continued use, she fell in love with Young Living’s products.

Mary shares, “I am fortunate that not only is my husband an active part of our distributorship, but he helped me become accountable. He overlooked a messy house to see the more important things of following up with prospects.” As Mary discovered, self-discipline is challenging, so finding a sponsor, spouse, or coach to help new distributors be accountable is important. She says, “There are a lot of distractions, especially if you work from home. Staying focused is very important. Just twenty minutes of focused work in your business can accomplish more than hours of multitasking. You must manage your time to be productive.”

When working with new distributors, Mary finds out what they desire to create in their life through their Young Living business. Mary says, “Often people are not looking for huge financial success or a career change. As a leader, it is important for us to know what our new distributor wants from their business, not what we want for them. Then we can help them create an action plan.”

In closing, Mary shares, “Young Living has allowed me to retire from chiropractic medicine at the early age of thirty. We are now enjoying an income that places us in the top three percent of the world all because of the amazing financial freedom available as a Young Living distributor.”