Michael WelchMichael Welch was diagnosed with serious bladder cancer in February of 2004. At the time of discovery, his cancer was extremely advanced and his doctors told him that he only had four to six months to live.

The doctors told Mike to go home, tell his family, and then get everything in order. They also said that Mike should sell his Harley Davidson motorcycle because he would not be able to ride it much longer. The doctors suggested he undergo chemotherapy and added that, due to his particular type of cancer, the chances of him responding positively to the chemotherapy were very small. Mike confided, “I believed that everything was stacked against me and, out of desperation, I decided to undergo the chemotherapy.” However, he had just started his dream of modifying his motorcycle and was not about to sell his bike. “I was determined to keep my bike and ride it to the very end,” he related.

A teacher in the public school system in Buffalo, New York, Mike also has a business where he sells imported Asian collectibles, including statues, incense, and other items. While selling Asian products at a fair, Mike mentioned his tragic cancer diagnosis to several of his friends who were Reiki healers. “The word about my cancer spread, and Steve Westerman, a Young Living distributor who also had a booth at the fair, contacted me and asked me to visit with him.” Mike located Steve’s booth and was instantly attracted to the Essential Oils Desk Reference book Steve had. Steve mentioned some oils that could help Mike and explained how to use them. However, because the fair was so busy, Mike did not have an opportunity to read the Young Living materials he received or to use the oils.

The next weekend, Mike was selling his collectibles at another event and met Young Living distributors Suzanne Linde and Debbie Monteleone. He recalled, “When they found out about my condition, Debbie demanded that I try Berry Young JuiceĀ®. I decided that I would keep her happy, so I tried it.” Mike had no idea that this decision would change his life. He said, “I really enjoyed the Berry Young Juice. I found it soothing and uplifting.” He was also given his own copy of the Essential Oils Desk Reference. Mike had been doing research on cancer and had come to the conclusion that the best thing he could do to fight his disease was to improve his diet and clean out his system. When he read the Young Living material Suzanne and Debbie gave him, he knew he was on the right track. Having misplaced the information Steve had given him, he asked Suzanne how to buy Young Living products. Mike made a large initial Young Living order and then decided that since he would be using a lot of products, he might as well become a distributor.

In April 2004, Mike went in for his chemotherapy check-up. “The doctors found there was a 25 percent decrease in the cancer cells in my bladder and an equal percent of healthy cells that had regenerated,” he related. Mike was excited by the improvement and decided to start ingesting the oils. He took the essential oils of frankincense, sandalwood, and clove internally in gel caps. In May 2004, Mike went back for another check-up. The discovery was amazing. “I had a 75 percent decrease in cancer cells and an equal increase in healthy cells.” At the end of June, when Mike went in for his last chemotherapy evaluation, he was over 90 percent clear of cancer cells. In July, the cancer clinic doctors did one more evaluation on Mike’s bladder. They found that Mike was victorious in his fight against bladder cancer. Mike recalled, “Four different radiologists at four different facilities in the Buffalo, New York, area checked me out, and they all discovered identical results – the cancer was gone.”

In March, just one month after he was diagnosed with cancer, Mike joined Young Living. “I started by using frankincense and sandalwood on my abdomen, and I drank six ounces of Berry Young Juice a day. I was also doing the liver, colon, and kidney cleanse,” he reported. With the change in his diet, Mike went from an overweight 235 pounds to a fit 185 pounds. “I still carefully follow the menu Gary Young designed in the Re-JUVA-nate booklet. I am also focused on my body’s pH balance because I have learned that cancer does not do well in an alkaline body.”

Reflecting on his remarkable recovery, Mike shared, “Although the chemotherapy may have helped stop the growth of the cancer, chemotherapy is a poison that kills cells-it does not generate new cell growth. I believe that the amazing new cell growth was due to Berry Young Juice and essential oils, and assisted by the various organ cleanses.” Mike is convinced that using the Young Living products gave his body what it needed to heal itself. Mike added, “I am a true convert. No one will ever take away my Berry Young Juice, essential oils, or other Young Living products!”

Excited by his amazing recovery, Mike had his motorcycle custom painted with wolfberries and the Young Living logo. “I was so excited by the results of the Young Living products that I wanted everyone who saw my bike to ask me about the design,” he said. Mike has found that his bike creates a great deal of interest and makes it easy to share his amazing Young Living story.

Mike related that people often ask him if he thinks it is a miracle that he was cured. He answers, “I do not look at it as a miracle exactly; rather, it is just giving your body the tools it needs to heal itself. Young Living provides those tools. If there is a miracle, it is the power of Young Living products.”
Michael Welsh motorcycle

 Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043 
Please note: Berry Young Juice has been reformulated and is now NingXia Red (and tastier than ever!)